Sunday PMP Exam Preparation

Joni declared today to be a leftover day. I guess that means that getting a large order of cheese fries would be frowned upon in this establishment.

The good folks over at the Rotten Tomato’s website generally dislike the 2005 movie Sahara starring Matthew McConaughey and Penélope Cruz. Honestly, I was hoping that McConaughey would be able to bring Dirk Pitt to life in several movies. Clive Cussler has never really been able to transition from novels to screenplays. At some point, I expect that the Cussler family will allow Fox to produce a serialized television show with a decent production budget called Dirk Pitt.

PMP study session number one involved two hours of uninterrupted review. At the end of the review, I was able to get the 4th edition of the “A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge” (AKA the PMBOK) downloaded to my Google Nexus 7.

Joni and I went to Kohl’s to purchase some dress pants. I found some on the clearance rack that were pretty decent. Lunch involved three homemade tacos (leftover from yesterday’s nachos).

The New England Patriots vs. the Arizona Cardinals football game was pretty watchable.