Chipotle Adventurrito Puzzle 20 of 20 Complete

The last 20 days have been very interesting. This internet delivered multimedia puzzle game was completely unexpected. The puzzles the Chipotle Adventurrito team came up with were challenging and unexpected. I was surprised by a few of them. Based on the response from social media and other sources the contest was very well received. It appears about 40,000 people participated in the challenge. All of them were hoping to win a ton of free burritos. The 20th challenge concluded with an answer that involved a couple sentences, “STEVE ELLS FOUNDED CHIPOTLE IN CO IN 1993. THE FIRST MENU DID NOT HAVE BARBACOA. IN FACT, THERE WERE NO MENU BOARDS AT ALL. HAPPY 20TH, CHIPOTLE.” I’ll be checking every email I get for the next week… winning could be epic!!!