The Adventurrito is Over

The Chipotle website has announced, “The Adventurrito is over.” The last twenty days have been a blur. I have been eating at Chipotle since they opened stores in Kansas. The way the Chipotle Adventurrito Puzzle contest ended was handled poorly. It was all fun and games until the final test. The rules of the challenge were changed along the way. I don’t even know where my final score stacked up against everybody else competing in the contest. I do know that I got one question wrong during the first part of the final challenge. I made it all the way through the challenge, but one of the calculations I made was wrong. After 13 years of college, I should have double checked my math. It was only 20 years of free burritos at stake. I enjoyed the challenge, but I think I’m over Chipotle for a while.


Update: It appears that the folks over at Chipotle decided to accept an additional answer to one of the questions. That means that I did not miss any questions during the 20th challenge.