Getting back on track

Striking the right work/life balance can be incredibly hard to achieve. While it is very important – you don’t really think about it until it is gone…

That seems to be a fact of the modern business world. This weekend, I knocked out some long overdue tasks. I tanked through a few weekend work projects. They never slow down or stop… I took the car to the nice brushless car wash and spent 30 minutes detailing the inside. Everything got vacuumed with one of those extremely loud industrial systems. The rubber floor mats needed some major attention form the power washer, but that always seems to be the case. I’m pretty sure I washed half a can of soda off of one of them. Some boxes got carried from the basement to the garage. That probably should happened two months ago, but sometimes things get put on the back burner. Mowing the yard after two weeks with the electric mower took twice as long as it should have and really wore me out. However, the exercise from mowing the lawn paid off at the driving range. I hit one really good epic drive with my driver (an uber sweet Cleveland Launcher) that went over the range markers. The ball landed near the back of a green from the par 3 course. I almost yelled “FORE!!!”

Driving range shadow

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