New Class Prep

It looks like I will be picking up that business strategy class this term. I should find out how many students will be in the class by Monday.

The physical textbook is on the way. Sure — I got an electronic textbook already, but I still enjoy print versions of textbooks. Technology can provide an advantage, but most textbook content has not been adapted to take advantage of the new digital format. Most of the digital texts I have seen are just hard to read versions of the book. You end up zooming in and out and scrolling all over the pages. I’m sure someday they will all be epic multimedia adventures, but that day has not arrived yet.

I will be spending a few hours tonight working on getting the course setup. I am looking forward to setting up the course. After setting up the course, I will need to spend some time writing a chapter. My alarm is already set for an early morning writing session tomorrow. This year each weekend morning has been earmarked for writing journal articles or book chapters. So far that plan has been working. It has been working pretty well.

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