After the first draft

On the subject of my next book — A couple days ago, Duane asked when I was going to be done with my next book. In that moment, I frowned at Duane and started to internalize my failure. Apparently, during the course of changing jobs I stopped short of completing my Multichannel Contact Strategy book. Right now the first draft of the book contains 13 chapters. Upon further review, most of the chapters are in dire need of a rewrite. My new goal is to write 500 words a day for the project.

The book starts with a letter to the reader. Here is a sample of that letter.

Dear reader,

You picked up the right weighty tome of insight! If you are new to this type of material, then skip the preface/intro material and jump straight to Chapter 1 which contains the pitch. That will provide you with both the elevator pitch and the more refined formal pitch that would be delivered to a client. If the pitch does not sell you on reading the rest of the book, then I let you down…

I’m a practitioner at heart…

This book reflects my interest in communication strategies for campaigns. I have given the subject a lot of thought over the last 5 years and have only recently been ready to put my thoughts down on paper. I’m hopeful that this work is useful to people preparing or running any kind of campaigns. Most of the examples will be related to political campaigns, but the ideas and frameworks should be generalizable from that special case scenario.

A model practitioners can use…

All of the parts of this book come together to both introduce a model and to make a pitch. I may not be the consultant that helps you implement this model, but I’m hoping the knowledge contained within this book provide the foundation for implementation in both spontaneous and planned ways. This adaptive multichannel contact strategy optimization model could be up and running in your organization.

Now is the time…

Bring the right people together implement parts of the model or the entire model. If you cannot bring the right team together to take action, then get the right people talking. Great ideas inspire organic growth. Plant the seed and let this idea grow within your organization.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Denver, Colorado
April 12, 2014 @ 6:20 AM