Some Friday Notes

Today started out with a whimper. It was not very exciting. My drive to work started before 6:00 AM today. My day started with an email inbox cleanup session. I have been getting a lot of unwanted emails.  For example, Netflix employees sent me an email suggesting that I should watch 10 seasons of the show Friend’s. Joni and I watched the first three episodes. The Kansas State University vs. UCLA game was not very competitive. The game got turned off in favor of Netflix.

I ended up watching a Netflix documentary on 3D printing. It was pretty interesting. 3D printing is a technology that has true potential. It was really interesting to hear people talk about the speed of innovation. It was an interesting thought exercise to examine the relationship between bureaucracy and the speed of innovation. The documentary may have planted a seed for a future academic paper. I think the transition between startup and crystalized bureaucracy is an interesting space to consider.