Furniture Day

The coffee of the day happens to be a Green Mountain Coffee product called Dark Magic. It used to be my favorite. I brewed a cup at 5:00 AM on a Saturday for a call that had already been cancelled. That fact was unknown at the time. I booted up some Netflix and started working on some academic projects. At some point in the next few hours, a rather large truck with some furniture will arrive. John Paul’s new room has been painted and the blinds have been put up. Getting the box with the blinds upstairs was pretty easy to accomplish. 8 screws had to be put into the wall to support the blinds. The whole process took about thirty minutes.

Speaker systems seem to have changed over the years. Right now is a very interesting time for audio equipment. Companies seem to be trying to build awesome systems at reasonable prices. That is probably a function of how expensive some of the high end systems parts have gotten. People seem to really honestly like the Audio Engine products. A number of technology magazines seem to be recommending their products. My computer setup sports some very basic JBL speakers. Audio Engine’s A5+ powered speakers would be a major upgrade. I’m a fan of the bamboo version.