Nonprofit Online Education

Week 10 just started in the business ethics course I’m teaching online this term. Next term (in 3 weeks) will be the first term fully under the operation of a new company. I’m curious to see what happens. I have working in the online education space since 2010. This term my services were acquired by a newly formed nonprofit career training company for adult learners. The last time the company I worked for got sold to another company was years ago. Back during 2009/2010 I was a part of Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) when it was purchased by Xerox. That transition as fairly seamless at first, but then got more complicated. I’m not totally sure what will happen to the staff during an online education company acquisition.

Some major changes could be brewing within the online education space. The amount of online content has grown dramatically. Some of it is very high quality. It is only a matter of time before some of the larger more established colleges simply start offering free online degree programs. I look at the certified courses that the edX group is providing as a model. That model could easily be built out into a degree program. The technology exists for the classes to be pretty much automated. The colleges would just have to invest in updating the content on a regular basis. That service will probably be offered as a reaction to the for profit online university systems.

I just installed R-3.1.3 for Windows (32/64 bit) on my HP Envy X2. That installation happened at the Denver airport. The setup was pretty easy. I needed to complete the installation for my MITx: 15.071x The Analytics Edge course. I’m hoping the bandwidth will be fast enough during the flight to complete the week 1 homework assignment.