Inflight Wireless Connections

Yesterday, my Southwest Airlines flight from Denver to Dallas did not have wireless internet. The Boing 737-300 aircraft did not have that service available. I woke up from a quick power nap as we reached 10,000 feet. They make an announcement at that altitude to let people know approved electronics can be powered on at that time. I quickly booted up my HP Envy X2 running Windows 10 (Windows Technical Preview Evaluation Copy build 9841). I was hugely disappointed when the SouthwestWiFI network did not show up. Without hesitation a quick wireless network scan using my work Samsung Galaxy S4 phone occurred. Neither device was showing any available network.

Today started off very early. It seemed extra early today. The alarm on my HTC One Max went off at 4:00 AM Mountain Time. That alarm has been programmed to play “Wine Safari” from the Sideways movie soundtrack. It did not help. Nothing really helps that early in the morning. It is amazing the difference an hour of sleep makes. I’m willing to get up at 5:00 AM to start work, but 4:00 AM somehow feels objectionable.

This trip will only last two days. It is an easy early morning flight in for one night with a return flight the following night. That cadence allows for almost two days of complete work. I got used to flying multiple places in a week.

Flying out Sunday night always disrupts the whole weekend. Redeye flights in general disrupt patterns. Flying to the east coast from Denver for a Monday morning meeting usually involves having to fly out the night before.

A passenger sitting in my row just took out a tin of chewing tobacco and pretty much ate a pinch of it. Up until that moment, I did not know that happened at 39,000 feet. Early morning flights are always interesting. People become more interesting early in the morning or very late at night. The middle of the day typically includes fewer surprises.

I’m considering a move to the new Google Pixel Chromebook.