A day at rest

I was at a loss for words earlier this week. It happened for a few moments. My mind was literally at rest. It was an odd sensation to experience. My mind is normally racing. It is easy to react to the world around us. It is something we do every day without thinking or hesitating. We take in a lot of information and it is relatively easy to react to that information. Some people make a living reacting to news, sports, or entertainment. None of that helped me in that moment.

After a few moments things just snapped back into place. I turned on my Warren Zevon Pandora station and started thinking about moving forward. Maybe it was a moment of pure silence that I should have just appreciated. It was a moment that I just wanted to pass.

Avoiding inaction has been a part of my daily plan. All the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are contained in my toolkit are stymied by inaction. Each day provides the opportunity to move forward. My world view involves a few core values related to collaboration, transparency, and preventing failure. Making things work is about moving forward.

I have a take on things that could be shared and my world view is rather unique. Over the course of the last decade my voice tends to show up or be overshadowed by technical nature of the content being produced. My goal for the rest of the month is to focus on ensuring that my take on things is front and center in my writing.