A few upgrades to my Chromebook

All of my creative efforts are going to be focused on writing for the next few months. I’m sold on a transition from coding to writing. Coding has been a part of my adventure this year. It was totally worth the time and effort. However, maybe now is the time to make the switch. It could also be that writing has come to dominate my thoughts. That happens. It will be ok. I will be ok.

My ASUS Flip has been converted over to the developer stream for updates. That is an important change. That change in updates helped deliver the Google Play Store to my Chromebook. Thanks to that delivery I now have the application version of Microsoft Word. I was never fully satisfied with Office 365 online. Adding the Google Play Store could help drive my ASUS Flip as my primary computing device.

It took me a little bit to get used to the keyboard on the ASUS Flip. The keys do not have enough carry or follow through on each keystroke. My biggest complaint about my ASUS Flip is the power cable. ASUS should have used the USB Type C format for a charging cable vs. an oddly shaped proprietarily cable.