That vacation in Shell Knob Missouri

A certain amount of passion for a subject can fuel the need to write. Sometimes a certain type of spark happens that drives you to write. That type of spark involves more than having a take on something. It has to be driven by the need for progress. It has to be fueled by the need to move forward. Motivational factors are rarely all equal for anybody at any time.

Writing has been challenging recently. I’m going to focus on producing 1,000 words a day. I’m happy enough with the keyboard on my ASUS Flip Chromebook. The keyboard on my Nexus 9 tablet is still completely disappointing. The words that will be produced will be focused and targeted on the things that draw my attention. That will be the key deciding factor that will rive my creation of prose.

Part of this week has been spent at a lake. Oddly enough a lake called table rock. My week of paid time off has been entertaining. I checked my email every hour on the hour, but for the most part work calls have been avoided. Over the years I have written about management and taught introduction to management classes. However, none of those efforts translated to learning how to take vacation successfully.