Working on one thing into the next

Opportunities abound. We elect to turn most of them down on a daily basis. My theory on working on one thing into the next is rather simple. I focus on being positive and moving forward. Within that general focus I recognize that we have the opportunity to pick up different things and work on them. That chance to decide what to do next is very important. It might be watching Jim Carrey in the 2008 film Yes Man or it could be reading about the life and times of famed mathematician Paul Erdos. Either way the protagonist moved from one thing to the next. One of them with more of a purpose. Motivation remains a hard topic to address. For most people it changes from day to day and potentially from moment to moment. I tend to think about wanting to make a lasting contribution to the academy as something that has motivated me to push things forward. That is probably why i have spent so much time learning and writing over the last two decades.