Writing for an hour at the end of the day

Today was one of those slower days. During the course of my 2018 effort to write 1,000,000 words in a single year some days are going to be slower than others. Building a good sized lead will probably be the best strategy to ensure success. Over the last few days my weblog posts have been pretty constant. Throughout the month of December it will be important to take the time to set the stage for engaging in some major daily writing.

Without question my writing policy for 2018 will have to be based on seizing every opportunity. My core writing time will be the hour before I go to bed. Throughout many years I engaged in writing at the end of the day. Sometimes it was on paper and most of the time it was on whatever computer i was using at the time. Getting back into the habit of writing was harder than i expected this time around. It was much easier to sit and watch television. That makes sense. Writing can be hard. Generating prose has to become almost a reflex to actively thinking.

People seem to really like this company called B&H Photo. I spent some time looking at the ASUS Flip chromebook on the B&H website. I may set a halfway point goal and buy the ASUS Chromebook Flip C101PA-DB02 after reaching 500,000 words in 2018. That will probably happen at some point during the month of May. I wonder if this keyboard will end up wearing out. ASUS did not list a maximum number of keystrokes the flip was rated for in the manual.