Day 179 the one where I pondered for a moment

2018: Day 179 the one where I pondered for a moment

Dear Reader,

Sure the impending intersection of technology and modernity should be at the forefront of the public mind. That is not really the sort of thing that jumps out and grabs the attention of public. Maybe it would be to easier to download the audiobook for the 5th book in the Dune series and just relax. Spending the rest of the night just listening to a book is one potential way to go. Another way to go would be to focus in on finishing up my 7th Coursera class of the summer. I need to complete a couple labs to finish out the “Leveraging Unstructured Data with Cloud Dataproc on Google Cloud Platform” course by July 9, 2018. Alternatively, I could could listen to Pandora and spend the evening writing a few words down and pondering things. Just maybe right now the possibilities that will be pondered are the priority for the night.

A lot of doors are open right now and a lot of different topics have been pulling my attention in a ton of different directions. This ASUS Flip Chromebook C101P has been updated to the developer channel for updates. Part of that decision is to help speed my way down the path to being able to run Linux applications on this Chromebook. It looks like the ASUS Flip Chromebook they were referring to wasa the C213SA model vs the C101P. I guess staying in the developer channel seems like the right thing to end up doing. Extending the Chromebook ecosystem to allow the installation of Linux application is a pretty darn fantastic. Sure it would be easy enough to mess around with Crouton and force the issue. Waiting for it to be a native feature seems like such a strange thing to bank on in the would of cloud first web native applications, but it does seems to be one of those things that people are looking forward to having.

For some reason my spelling has been absolutely atrocious this week. Maybe installing a service to help proofread would be one way to go about helping double check my grammar and spelling. Yesterday I did write a blog post about getting new socks. That is probably an all time low for the year. It can only be up from that moment. That might be wishful thinking at this point. A review about reviews might be worse, but socks are pretty darn ubiquitous at this point. Today was one of those days that my walking desk got some usage. That was enough to help test out the new Bombas socks that arrived this week. The ankle length socks seemed to work out pretty well and were very comfortable. Well this blog post just devolved into talking about socks. For two days in a row that has happened. It seems to be a rather disturbing trend in my writing. A little bit more time pondering the moment and a little bit less time writing about socks is probably in order. Maybe just jumping into the next paragraph will help move things forward…

Tomorrow should be one of those days where a lot more doors open than close. Pondering the potential of tomorrow is always a lot easier than trying to spring into immediate action in the now. Maybe that is reflection of the procrasting that over planning allows. Sometimes the quickest path to resolution is to take action. It might just be the fastest path forward to switch gears and immediately make a change. That is what I’m thinking about at the moment. Right now in this moment that is the series of thoughts that are on my mind and driving my next steps.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado

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