Thinking about AI day 3

Notes from Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Just amount ago I typed the date at the top of this Google Doc. Outside of looking at the date on my phone and typing the actual date does not have all that much meaning anymore. Things start and things end from day to day. You could probably change the date and it would take me a fair amount of time to figure it out. Perhaps that is a sad commentary about the endless stream of things that are happening. Inside the digital world a greater and greater number of applications and systems are being setup based on the principles of artificial intelligence to create things. Taking a collection of tons of photographs and creating a set of rules based on the images to make a new image based on the patterns in the original stack is interesting. Taking this back to thinking about video games. We have been able to create randomized digital worlds that are highly complex and contain lot of customized elements.

This second paragraph was going to be pretty epic. I was going to write about the classes on Coursera that have had my attention recently. Unfortunately, I’m so tired at the moment that putting together some epic prose is just not happening at the moment. Sure that happens from time to time, but I was hoping to dig deep and write something insightful. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Just like the grass might be greener someplace else. Sometimes it seems like the grass might be greener anywhere that is not here. All of this relates back to how I’m thinking about AI at the moment. Most of the time when you are trying to chase down a solution to the very complex problem you are facing it might seem like a good idea to go after one of the shiny new technologies that appearing in AI implementations. Your solution is just an API away. That is the road that always looks the easy. Some of the more developed use cases that is probably the case. Unless you want to scan photographs to figure out if Peppercorn the dog is still a dog the technology might even seem to be getting fairly mature.

Tomorrow my efforts are going to be more targeted. I’m going to focus on the applied use of neural networks to solve problems. If that is something you are interested in understanding, then tomorrow just might be a highlight for you.