Today was a day without a ton of machine learning classes

For some reason today was for better or worse devoted to watching some football. This Saturday was full of college football conference championship games. To that end, today was a day without a ton of machine learning classes. Throughout the last year I have been listening to a variety of Dune books. Audiobooks are interesting, but they do tend to distract me at the end of the day. Sometimes a little bit of distraction is required. Maybe that little bit might be more than what my Pandora internet streaming stations could provide. To that end sometimes listening to an audiobook was the right way to shift my thoughts to something different before falling asleep. A ton of the Google Cloud Platform and AWS content has been consumed in that hour or so before falling asleep. Trading out my relaxation time for some deeper learning was the right thing to do. It was something that helped me power forward toward a deeper understanding of machine learning. So much artificial intelligence related content is now available mostly for free or a nominal charge.

Tonight, I finished listening to the last hour of the 2016 audiobook, “Navigators of Dune.” It was mostly derivative and the plotlines were shallower than the classic story told by Frank Herbert. That does not really make it bad content, but it does help explain how it is a lesser contribution to the world of science fiction novels. I’ll need to pick another audio book collection sometime this month. Within the Google Books application a few suggestions have popped up, but I am not entirely sure what direction I want to go with my listening adventures.