Reviewing the Google Pixel 4 XL smartphone

The phone arrived via FedEx delivery on Thursday, October 24, 2019. Ordering the phone from the Google store was pretty easy. I ordered it on Tuesday, October 15, 2019 during the Google hardware event. For those of you keeping track of my phone orders you are probably aware that I have had every major model of the Pixel phone. The 3a is not a major model version and I did not purchase one of those phones. Anyway, I have had the Google Pixel 4 XL smartphone in my possession for 48 hours of testing. 


  • Google Photos is having all sorts of problems updating/syncing. It is seriously confused by the 20,000 photos I have stored online. When you load the Google Photos application it just says, “Getting your photos…” obviously that is not ideal or acceptable. 
  • The camera does take really great photographs. I have been really impressed with it so far after a couple days of Halloween costume pictures. 
  • Day one from the start of using this new phone, I was a little worried about the battery life. Those worries were well founded. The battery life is really not very good at all. The Pixel 3 XL would make it to about dinner time without being worn out. This new phone is burning battery so fast I’m looking to charge around lunchtime. That is a massive step backward.