Oh all that snow

Denver started off running a little slower as a city this morning. This October snow storm is dropping a sustained precipitation. Perhaps better said another way — the snow keeps falling and it just has not stopped. My window overlooks the front yard and I can see the snow as it falls. Wind is thrashing the snow about. Earlier this morning, my Google Pixelbook Go landed at a FedEx sorting facility in Denver. Today weather allowing might be the day that my new Chromebook arrives. That is something that seems to be pretty exciting. I considered trying to use the Dell KVM switch built into my monitor to make the mouse and keyboard at my desk available to the Chromebook. That configuration is probably not something that I need to setup or would ever really use. I might set it up just for fun to see how the Dell monitor KVM switch performs.

Ok — setting up the KVM switch on the Dell UltraSharp 38 Curved Monitor model U3818DW was really easy. Honestly, I just unplugged my Microsoft ergonomic keyboard and wired Corsair gaming mouse from the Corsair Cube and plugged them into the U3818DW. Windows made the discovering new hardware sound and all of a sudden both the keyboard and the mouse just worked. I did run the USB downstream port cable back to the computer, but the keyboard and mouse worked without that cable being connected.

A FedEx driver was able to deliver the Google Pixelbook Go today. I booted up the device and signed into my account. Right now I have the USB Type-C cable plugged into the Pixelbook Go and Chrome OS is extending the screen to the Dell U3818DW. The KVM switch automatically switched over and the keyboard and mouse both work really well with the Chromebook. I now have a pretty decent one cable docking configuration setup to use Chrome OS as my primary workstation operating system. I’m not sure how that will work out in terms of productivity, but it is possible.