20191102 Thoughts

Apparently, I’m in need of buying a new charging station of some kind. We have a variety of devices that need a few different types of connections that have to be charged on a pretty regular basis. For example, my Bose headphones need to be charged they are at 10% power remaining. They require a classic USB interface and are not ready for USB Type-C charging. It looks like to get USB Type-C charging I would have to exchange my Bose QC35 headphones for the new 700 model they are selling now. That would be an investment of around $400 in a new pair of headphones. My last pair of Bose headphones lasted a very long time. At this point getting a new charging station is probably a better plan than trying to upgrade. Yeah — Bose will probably have a pair with wireless charging before I get around to buying a new pair.

Outside of thinking about charging stations, I’m drinking a little bit of late night coffee, listening to Pandora internet radio, and writing. On the brighter side of things I’m really getting used to writing a little bit faster on the Google Pixelbook Go keyboard. It took about three days of using the keyboard to get used to the travel and moving around the keyboard. The one thing that really stood out is that while working on this Chromebook it felt necessary to take off my Fitbit watch. The metal piece of the latch was resting awkwardly and felt uncomfortable. That was easy enough to fix. My Fitbit is now sitting on the counter and I’m back to writing.

Ugh — I did just fall into the trap of letting the spelling and grammar wizard pull me out of writing and editing. Only at the end of a really solid writing sessions should you stop to work out what words were or were not spelled correctly. During the process of getting thoughts down it doesn’t really matter. As long as you are reasonably close you can sweep back through the document and correct things after the creativity stops. That might seem really obvious, but I seriously stop after a paragraph all the time and it breaks my strike during the process of writing. Maybe this is really about writing for the sake of writing. Perhaps the pure pursuit of writing is enough to strive forward and keep going. In the back of my mind, I think about writing as a volume game. It is something where bringing enough thoughts together will produce something where the sum of the effort is more impactful than any one part.

One of the things I want to do in 2020 is endeavor to write and publish 1,000,000 words in a year again. Part of getting to that level of output will be a little bit of daily training for the next two months to really prepare my mind for that type of workload. It will be about really translating thought to text in a highly transparent and genuine way.