Welcome to December

This is a recording of my blog from December 1, 2019

What do we know about actual market capital vectors and the economy? Earlier this week I was reading about how the number of publicly traded companies was shrinking. That made me wonder about market vectors and what types of things are consolidating or moving large amounts of capital. This might not be the most useful expenditure of my time, but it is what I got focused on recently. I spent some time sketching out flows of capital and thinking about the economy. At this point, those notes are not worth sharing. 

I’m testing out a new feature of the weblog right now that includes a little bit of audio for each post. At this point, I’m reading the blog post after I’m done writing it and recording it using Audacity and a Samson USB studio condenser microphone. Setting up a new project in Audacity is really easy and exporting to mp3 takes just a few seconds to accomplish. I’m not entirely sure if adding audio to each post is a worthwhile endeavor, but it is something that I’m committed to trying out for a few posts to see how it goes. 

One of the reasons that I’m getting back into the audio recording and editing game is that it seems like now is a good time to convert some of my older books into audiobooks. I have wanted to start making audio books again for some time. One of the things that I have been looking for is a new audio pop shield that attaches to my microphone stand. People seem to really like the Stedman proscreen XL pop filter. Right now that is my number one contender to get purchased at some point. Instead of using a pop filter with the microphone I’m just using the noise reduction feature built into the Audacity software. It works pretty well to generate reasonable voice audio recordings.