Buying a new pop filter

This is a recording of my blog from December 2, 2019

Yesterday, I found a used Stedman ProScreen XL pop filter online that is apparently missing a couple of screws. One quick offer acceptance from the seller later it should be shipping this way here this month. I know it might take a little bit of work to get it setup and running, but the filter screen is the important part of the setup. People seem to be very excited about these pop filters online. I’ll get to see what the hype is about here shortly. Every one of the audio clips that get posted to the blog posts can be downloaded apparently. It should be pretty easy to tell the difference between the last few recordings and the future ones with a pop filter. 

You might remember that I had a pop filter before that was custom built based on some design I found online years ago. It had three layers of filter and worked really well, but it is long since gone. Now is the time to get a new one. I’m starting to get used to the recording process again, but apparently some 700,000 podcasts are active right now. They worked that number out by monitoring active Apple ecosystem podcasts. That seems like a very large number of potential content streams. This is an entirely different delivery method. This is really just direct voice narration of written content. Some people just prefer the audio version of the prose. 

For better or worse, I pretty much talk and write the same way these days. That is probably a by product of years of spending a lot more time writing than speaking.