Wandering the internet

This is a recording of my blog from December 7, 2019

Today, I booted up this morning with two shots of espresso and a little bit of wandering (I really wanted to type wonder here, but landed on wander) around the internet. After over a week, I am logging into Twitter today. At the start of that login, the folks over at Twitter wanted me to follow some topics. I assume this is to help cross pollinate user experiences to get more conversations going. Initially, I decided to follow Guitar, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science. I almost followed Space and Astronomy, but decided maybe I would circle back to that one later on down the road after more wandering around the internet. 

The reason I got back on Twitter today was to share a Tweet about watching, “When GANs Go Wrong – This Week in Google 537.” My hiadius from Twitter lasted from November 27 to December 6. My primary use case for Twitter is to just keep track of the online content I consume in terms of papers, articles, podcasts, and videos. That will be starting up again today I guess probably without any fanfare or anything relatively interesting beyond a little bit of wonder (it took me 194 words to finally work into the correct usage of that word). This next cup of coffee is going to help get things going today toward a positive purpose.

My big plans for the day include trying to finish up one of those Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine courses, hanging up some lights outside, and setting up a Google Nest camera outside. Those things should be pretty fun to work on throughout the day. This cup of coffee is helping nudge me toward a few Coursera videos and maybe a lab sessions this morning. The one part of the experience that I really like and I think it is the part that keeps me coming back to learn on the platform are those course sessions with a lab.