Reconciling a year

Well it appears that 2020 is here and moving along already. It takes time to realize that life remains more important than time, but time remains precious. Right now I want to sit down and spend the next thirty minutes producing prose for the sake of producing prose. That is where my time is going to be focused. Some of that has to be about focusing. Some of it has to do with using my time in the best possible way. This weblog post today will not have any featured image attached to it. I know it is better to have media attached to each post. Taking a photograph of something everyday should be relatively easy to accomplish. Using the keyboard on the Google Pixelbook Go has been pretty easy and it has been comfortable to use. Working to write a million words on this keyboard is a nobel goal that should be possible given enough time.

20191126 Thoughts

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. This week has been a hodgepodge of ups and downs. I’m probably going to stay up and watch the KU basketball game that starts at 8:30 PM Denver time. That seemed a little bit late for the start of a game. Not only is Hawaii about 2,500 miles from Los Angeles, California, but it also happens to be three hours earlier. We really did get a ton of snow in Denver throughout the last 24 hours. Snow at the end of the driveway was tall enough that my car would have been plowing along if we tried to leave the house. Things should be better tomorrow, but it was an awful lot of snow to arrive in a short window.

20191125 Thoughts

Removing that game from my Pixel 4 XL seems like the right call. Overall, I have seen an uptick in my productivity in the last 24 hours. With such a limited dataset the decision will need to be evaluated over the next week or so before any hard conclusions can be drawn. Earlier today I started thinking about launching another chatbot. For some reason, my thoughts just keep coming back to building out a new chatbot.

20191124 Thoughts

Today was a day where a trip to CostCo happened right when they opened. It was a day where buying new tires was about to happen. During the wait to purchase tires, I realized that it was time to delete Boom Beach (Supercell video game company) from my phone again. Over the last few weeks I have opened it a couple of times per day again for a couple minutes at a time. Instead of playing Boom Beach that time needs to be spent on writing and I know that should always be the priority. Unfortunately, instead of continuing down the road of deep thought it always seems easier to check on on Boom Beach and see what has happened. You might be thinking that it should be possible to do both, but alas that is not the case. Switching between whatever I was doing and the game a couple of times a day was a substitute for engaging in laser like focus and extreme problem solving.

20191122 Thoughts

Today was an interesting day. Things started off very slowly. However, things picked up speed in a hurry. Outside the weather looked like a well shaken snow globe.

I accepted an invitation to attend an artificial intelligence conference in 2020. I still very clearly remember 1999 and thinking about planning for events in 2020 seems like a glimpse into the distant future. It is only a few days away now, but it feels like it should be further away. My plan for next year is to attend about five conferences. That seems like a reasonable number based on the amount of travel and time off that can be devoted to such endeavors.

Earlier tonight, I did spend some time looking for a skin to cover the exterior of my new Pixelbook Go chromebook. It seems like either this thing needs an exterior skin or a whole lot of stickers to cover up the massive fingerprint magnet they put on the outer shell of this chromebook.