Something more

Today started with snow in Denver. Yesterday I went ahead and put my rather custom Jackson Kelly guitar back in the basement. It had not been played in some time and needed to go back into storage. At the moment, I’m swapping mostly between the Chapman ML3 Bea and a custom Fender Deluxe stratocaster build. Both of those guitars sit here to my left ready to play at a moment’s notice. Actually turning on the amp and pedalboard is a lot more work. This morning I spent part (over an hour) of my day off watching a video about Klon overdrive pedals from JHS.[1] Right now at the moment my guitar pedal board consists of 8 pedals. None of those pedals is a Klon or a copy of that type of pedal. That works out just fine for me and my random ambient jamming at the moment. I did spend some type looking at Klon type pedals on the internet again. The one pedal that caught my attention some type ago was the Mjolnir from Mythos Pedals. It looked pretty good and people really seemed to like it. 

[1] From JHS Pedals on YouTube, “LIVE: Everything You Need to Know About the Klon Centaur Overdrive,”

Thinking about new speakers

Well —- I do not really feel like writing today. Even a few episodes of Andromeda on tubi was not enough to kickstart the writing process. It appears this monday is just a slow day. I’m going to work on cleaning up some stuff around the house and maybe even tidy up my office.

All of the furniture in my office was changed out, but I’m still working on the sound setup for my main computer. The Audioengine A5+ speakers are connected to the record player behind me and it would take about twenty feet of audio cable to connect it to a digital audio converter. 

Digital content subscriptions:

  1. Disney+
  2. Netflix
  3. CBS All Access 
  4. Hulu
  5. ESPN+

I’m trying to figure out if I need all 5 of those digital content subscriptions.

A few updates

Somebody called me overly technical the other day. I’m not really sure what to do with that piece of external observation. Perhaps this week I’ll spend some time thinking deeply about the nature of communication and engagement. Being technical and being clear spoken are not mutually exclusive. It is definitely a topic worth more consideration. 

Well my adventures with tubi have been reasonably good so far. I’m on season two of Andromeda and the almost 20 year old show is holding up well enough. It is somewhat peaceful just to let some episodes play in the background. Maybe that is one of those things where the fictional universe with continuity and a known conclusion feel more comfortable than our current pandemic driven reality.

A rational exuberance

A rational exuberance swept the nation yesterday. People poured into the streets to share that emotion outwardly in the public square. It was a day where shouting huzzah on the internet alone would not do for the moment at hand. It was without question one of those shared moments that resonated with a tremendous block of people. 

Today I’m back over writing in Google Docs instead of Microsoft Word. It was only a short one day trip back to using the stand alone Word application. I’m apparently happier writing in Google Docs and that will have to stand. No sense in using an application that exudes sadness and blocks the way to fun fulfilled writing sessions of frantic word creation. Right now this block of writing times includes a few minutes before breakfast. I should be able to capture a few thoughts and really dig into what needs to be done today. 

Overall the one thing that I have to return to routine is drafting and writing academic papers. One way to help make sure that happens would be to commit to attending (virtually probably) academic conferences. Previously I have found that making those commitments helps put the pressure on to write the corresponding academic article or at least take one from draft to complete. Something about having to stand up in front of a room of academics helps motivate having a finished paper to defend. That is certainly one way to go about getting the academic paper working process going. It looks like a few different requests for proposals and papers have come into my email inbox in the last 30 days. 

I’m starting to work on a new machine learning related presentation. Over the last couple of weeks I have settled on a topic and the writing process will have to start shortly. Generally after the process starts it will flow to a conclusion. It is generally problematic if the writing process does not start. Outlines and some whiteboarding generally begin the process in earnest and what follows is more traditional. That is where my head is at right now and it seems to be a good place going into the last two months of 2020. For the most part, this has been a lost year in terms of my writing output and productivity. That fact alone puts a lot of pressure on to build out a lot more content in 2021.

Getting back to daily writing

Things just got paused.

Dear Reader,

My entire office has been rebuilt in the last week. Gone is my circa 2003 tempered glass Studio RTA executive computer desk. I had to do some serious Google searching to be able to find somebody still selling the desk[i]. It looks like the footnote feature of Google Docs does not natively paste over to WordPress. It had seemed like a good idea to go ahead and include a link to that online seller in a footnote, but that did not work at all. I even switched over to Microsoft Word today to see if that might help and it just reminded me that at this point, I’m more comfortable with Docs than Word. That is not something that I expected to have happen. Given the sheer volume of time that has been spent working in Microsoft Word over the years I expected that it would be my home word processor forever forward. That apparently is not the case. On a side note you might have noticed at the bottom of this post the footnote did cut and paste from Word, but it does not work correctly. The link was entirely broken during the process of cutting and pasting.

Oh yeah —- back to the desk. It was a great desk, but it was time to move onto something more adult in my office with a little bit more storage space. Comparatively anything would have been better given that the previous desk had no drawers or cabinets. It was sheets of tempered glass. They were wonderful and worked out well for over a decade, but now is a different time. It is a time where it seemed like having some wall art would be the right way to go moving forward. Both my Dell ultrawide monitors are now on this new 71 inch desk. It is working out really well so far and I’m excited to get back to my daily writing habit. Writing out thoughts is an important part of working through things in a measured and reasonable way. Sometimes you just must look at the universe of things and derive directionality from the chaos.

At the moment, I’m still wondering about the state of the world and politics. My mind has been racing ever since the election about possibilities and probabilities. Like many Americans that have lost sleep and been anxious it has been a weird last few days. I suppose it is just par for the course that is 2020 given the nature of how nothing seems to happen in a normative fashion.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado

[i] AVStoreOnline