Sunday Coursework Adventures

Work has been a little intense this month. Free time has not really been an option throughout the last two weeks. As evidence of that reality, my coffee consumption rate has significantly increased and my time tethered to conference calls has increased dramatically. For the first time this month, John Paul slept in passed 7:00 AM. That extra time was put to good use this morning. I have homework due by March 17, 2015 in my MITx: 15.071x The Analytics Edge course. It took a couple hours this morning to catch up on all the course material. I’m learning a lot about the R Foundation for Statistical Computing. Apparently, I have to pay attention to the videos to pass the quizzes. I may end up having to download some of the course videos to watch them on my next Southwest Airlines flight.

Starting the Analytics Edge Course

I started completing the MITx: 15.071x The Analytics Edge course this weekend. The first real assignment from the course was to download and install R 3.1.2 for Windows (or whatever operating system the student is using). My week at work was a little intense. I ended up moving my HP 2710m monitor over to my work system. That meant that the long surviving monitor attached to my Storm Stryker tower was a very old and somehow still functional HP w2207. It was manufactured back in June of 2007. As you might have imagined, downgrading to a very old and much smaller monitor has triggered a large amount of monitor window shopping. I’ll post something about my consideration of switching to a 4k monitor later this week.


edX CaltechX CS1156x started today

My latest adventure into the world of online classes started today. I’ll be spending the next ten weeks completing, “CaltechX: CS1156x Learning From Data (introductory Machine Learning course).” This will be the first class that I have taken within the edX environment. I have heard good things about the platform and wanted to check it out firsthand. I figured I start with a challenging class about machine learning. The instructor estimates that the class will take about 10 hours of effort a week.