Project management based dinner planning

Making a weekly dinner list can get monotonous. Picky eaters and seasonality can be challenging factors to contend with when picking meals. Most people do not want to eat the same dishes every week (year after year). Could basic elements of our best project management frameworks help produce better dinner lists? The triple constraint of cost, schedule, and scope probably applies. The only element that truly does not apply would be the concept of closing out a project. Maybe a yearly dinner list could be developed and the project could close out after that yearly list was delivered. Most people would not notice the repetition of eating the same menu every year.

As of today the Food Network has about 730 vegetarian main dish recipes online.  In theory a home chef should be able to make any of the 730 dishes. Naturally, the list was sorted by user rating and then reviewed based on personal preference.

Getting ready to take the PMP exam

Earlier this year I earned a bunch of professional development units (PDUs) from Stanford University. Becoming a Stanford Certified Project Manager (SCPM) was fun and I truly enjoyed absorbing the subject matter. I’ve had a chance to use the strategic execution framework (SEF) at work. Starting this weekend I’m ramping up into full blown test taking mode. During late September I’m going to venture out to a computer lab in Colorado Springs to take the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Professional (PMP) exam.

Civic honors and project management

According to my new weblog publishing schedule today is a civic honors day.

The PMP exam should be fun to take. I need to remember tomorrow to reschedule my Cisco exam. Today was extremely busy and I did not have enough time to log in and get my Cisco exam time changed. This is my first civic honors related post in what seems like years. Civic honors project took a couple years launch and was incredibly rewarding.

The project management plan

Based on the new publishing schedule today is a project management day.

I have a new plan. The new plan is a good plan. At some point tomorrow, I will reschedule my Cisco certification test for next year. 35 to 45 minutes of everyday will be devoted to studying for the PMP exam.  Based on the current priority list I keep at the forefront of my thoughts studying for Cisco exams will have to wait until I pass my last project management test. It may take all of 2013 to pass the first 3 sets of Cisco exams. Getting my Cisco certifications is part of my professional development plan. However, I have accepted the challenge of passing the PMP exam within the next couple months. Let’s not kid ourselves I still have one more class I need to take this year from Stanford University.

Taking some more Stanford classes

In case you are wondering (and I am sure that you were), it looks like I will be taking some more Stanford classes in 2012 and 2013 through an educational assistance program at work. I was recently accepted to the Stanford University Stanford Strategic Decision and Risk Management program through the Stanford Center for Professional Development.

Stanford SDRM Letter

Early this year I earned the credential of Stanford Certified Project Manager. The Stanford University Center Professional Development staff members were pleasant and the program was very informative. Overall, the SEF or strategic execution framework that the program is based on can be easily applied within any modern organization.