Pac-12 Football Championship

What a game! The Stanford and UCLA football teams are colliding in the PAC-12 championship game. The rematch is proving to be a better game. Overall, the Fox Sports football crew is doing a great job of covering the game despite some rainy weather. Thanks to the power of multitasking, I’m watching decision quality lectures and enjoying the game.

Thanksgiving Weekend Grading

Thanksgiving weekend involved four consecutive days off from work. Being on call during the holidays is always interesting. I handled three different escalations during my holiday break. However, I was still able to spend a few mornings during my Thanksgiving break working on completing my Stanford University decision quality coursework. I watched some football. Stanford vs. UCLA was a great football game to watch this weekend. The rematch is going to be epic. Sunday morning was almost entirely devoted to grading “Introduction to Business” team papers.

Taking a Stanford University Decision Quality Class

I have four days off work in a row prompting me to say, “Happy Thanksgiving!” In honor of the time off, I have elected to start working on completing one more Stanford class this year. Sure — the Stanford University football team has done well this year, but I’m focused on learning. I’m working on completing another Stanford University: Stanford Center for Professional Development program. “Decision Quality” is one of the core classes required for the Strategic Decision and Risk Management certificate. Tonight I will be reading “Decision Analysis for the Professional” by Peter McNamee.

2013 MPSA Paper Acceptance

Hurricane Sandy delayed the conference paper acceptances this year. I recently received an email that stated, “The 2013 MPSA Program Committee has accepted your offer to serve on the session E-Government at the State and Local Level for the MPSA section 39 Information Technology and Politics at the 2013 MPSA National Conference.” Andy from Chicago has been notified. I’m hopeful that this year’s trip to the windy city will be as epic as my trip last year.

Rejected Paper: Lindahl, N., & Armenta, J.  (2013). “Modeling campaign contact center performance: The AUP model.” Midwest Political Science Association 71st Annual Conference, Proposed Paper, Chicago, Illinois.

Accepted Paper: Lindahl, N. (2013). “Network analysis of social media engagement and linkages within e-government implementations using automated data mining techniques: A study of local government social media linkages.” Midwest Political Science Association 71st Annual Conference, Chicago, Illinois.

Nels Lindahl and Andy at Wrigley
Nels Lindahl and Andy at Wrigley

Watching streaming content via YouTube Channels on the PS3

Here are my initial thoughts about teaching online, “Being an online instructor seems to involve a lot of grading during the weekend.” For the most part students seem to submit work and participate in discussions during the last 3 days of the week. Online class weeks run Sunday to Saturday. Every Saturday from here on out will probably involve writing a weekly preview, posting a weekly summary and grading a bunch of papers. I plan on grading papers as they arrive and participating every day in my class discussions. I have a plan. We will see how well it works…

I am always looking for new things to watch on the television. Please consider for a moment that cable or satellite television provide an endless wave of content. Without subscription-based television, you are going to have to work a little harder to locate content to watch. The new YouTube client for the Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) works really well. I have subscribed to number of technology related channels on YouTube. This morning I just clicked on The Verge channel and let the content run. I watched VERGECAST episode 51 featuring commentary from Paul Miller, Nilay Patel, and Joshua Topolsky. YouTube was easy to setup. Content was easy to find. People are producing enough content to keep me entertained.

In about two hours, a few college football games will be on broadcast television. At this point, I will pretty much watch any football game. Cable or satellite television provide subscribers with tons of options for watching college football.