Focusing on my Stanford Decision Quality class

A few times a year, I devote a weekend to pure professional development. This extended weekend has been designated a professional development weekend. I’ll be spending the next 48 hours working on completing part of the Stanford University Center for Professional Development Strategic Decision and Risk Management Program. This weekend I’ll be focusing on finishing my “Decision Quality” class.

Grading coursework and watching Stanford University videos

It’s Sunday again. You know what that means. It’s time to grade papers and watch football.

John Paul has been exercising me a little more than usual this morning/afternoon. Apparently, at 11 months old he has gone from very active to incredibly active. Who knew that he would enjoy throwing a ball and crawling to the ball over and over again? We may have to contact some baseball scouts.

I setup my Dell Studio 1535 to display some Stanford University Center for Professional Development decision quality videos on my Sony Bravia television. The setup worked ok. I have been looking for a low cost wireless HDMI option for the last few months.

Laptop to TV via HDMI
Laptop to TV via HDMI

We stopped watching lectures during the Denver Broncos game. As a team the Baltimore Ravens have lost their defensive mojo. I’m guessing Joe Flacco may be replaced next year.

Pac-12 Football Championship

What a game! The Stanford and UCLA football teams are colliding in the PAC-12 championship game. The rematch is proving to be a better game. Overall, the Fox Sports football crew is doing a great job of covering the game despite some rainy weather. Thanks to the power of multitasking, I’m watching decision quality lectures and enjoying the game.

Thanksgiving Weekend Grading

Thanksgiving weekend involved four consecutive days off from work. Being on call during the holidays is always interesting. I handled three different escalations during my holiday break. However, I was still able to spend a few mornings during my Thanksgiving break working on completing my Stanford University decision quality coursework. I watched some football. Stanford vs. UCLA was a great football game to watch this weekend. The rematch is going to be epic. Sunday morning was almost entirely devoted to grading “Introduction to Business” team papers.

Taking a Stanford University Decision Quality Class

I have four days off work in a row prompting me to say, “Happy Thanksgiving!” In honor of the time off, I have elected to start working on completing one more Stanford class this year. Sure — the Stanford University football team has done well this year, but I’m focused on learning. I’m working on completing another Stanford University: Stanford Center for Professional Development program. “Decision Quality” is one of the core classes required for the Strategic Decision and Risk Management certificate. Tonight I will be reading “Decision Analysis for the Professional” by Peter McNamee.