Thanksgiving went well enough

So far this week could be summarized with one simple expression of expository prose, “Thanksgiving went well enough.” Our house guests left early this weekend on Saturday morning. I will probably have enough time to assemble the Christmas tree and work on preparing for my next Stanford University class, “Leadership for Strategic Execution.” During the Black Friday online sales extravaganzas I looked at dress watches, browsed topcoats, and searched for dress shoes. Strangely enough, I did not feel compelled to make any online purchases yesterday. Maybe the cyber Monday sales will be more compelling. I am starting to believe the argument, “Beware of monthly subscription services.”

Thanksgiving football and a ton of random snacks

I’m officially taking the entire day off of work (groundbreaking strategy I know). The Thanksgiving holiday season provides a great opportunity for extended vacations. For the first time since Joni and I move to Colorado we will be entertaining family for Thanksgiving. Vacations that involve prolonged shopping adventures are not really vacations. Strangely enough Thanksgiving (a holiday firmly rooted in the consumption of vast quantities of food) has become closely associated with the shopping extravaganza known as Black Friday. Black Friday deals are arriving via email at an unprecedented rate. Earlier this morning I almost purchased a topcoat based on a door buster savings deal. At some point, I want to transition into being able to wear a suit to work every day.

Good new! I have been taking a victory lap all week; after completing my first Stanford University class this week. I really did enjoy taking, “Converting strategy into action,” from the Stanford Center for Professional Development. As part of my current professional development strategy, I started pursuing avenues that would enhance my project management knowledge, skills, and abilities. Professional development will always be an ongoing process. Things change at different rates. Practitioners have to evaluate and reevaluate the playing field by using reflective techniques mixed with strategic forecasting.

Stanford AI-Class Week 3 mixed with Halloween Preparation

Would a cookbook of one sentence recipes work? For example, “Bake at 350 to 375 until done (about 15 minutes) place pieces of asparagus on a baking sheet over a sheet of foil tossed with salt, pepper, EVOO, and covered in lemon slices.”

The publishing arm of the Royal Society (the world’s oldest scientific publisher) has decided to build a searchable online repository of publications.

I have been wondering about online content delivery.

  1. WSJ
  2. USA Today
  3. LA Times
  4. Google News?


p>I have been trying to figure out the best method to display webpages on my Sony Bravia. TiVo does not really provide a web browser and my PS3 barely has a functional web browser.

My Saturday will involve watching college football and homework

I started by looking for an eatery that had house specialties of either sesame beef or orange beef. However, the proprietor at Wok In Wok Out in Colorado Springs, Colorado really does adhere to their delivery area. Andy from Chicago suggested compromising by offering to meet the delivery driver at the delivery area boundary. Andy’s suggestion was innovative. However, my only opportunity to vote within the community of commerce involves my spending choices. If the proprietor does not want to deliver, then the proprietor missed out on a new line of business. As part of my enhanced Saturday football watching experience I have decided not to leave the house.

I did write at least one tweet on Twitter: @centurylink What’s up with the corporate decision to deny customers access to @ESPN3 without any explanation or plan for action? I really don’t want to switch from CenturyLink to Xfinity, but you’re making it hard to be a customer.

Other than ESPN3, what is the best internet option for watching college football games? I’m willing to pay for a quality service, but I have no interest in subscribing to cable/satellite television.

Fortunately, ABC will be broadcasting the Stanford University football game against the University of Southern California (USC) tonight.