Eating only Soylent for an entire week

My Chromebook Stickers

You are probably ready for an update. If that was what you were waiting for, then this post might just be the post for you. This next week I’m converting over to only eating Soylent for every meal. That means 7 straight days of Soylent based meals. I have never managed to do 21 straight meals of nothing but Soylent. My normal days involve one or two Soylent fueled meals. My theory on ordering Soylent was to replace breakfast and some lunches with a more reasonable alternative. Switching over to a diet of water, coffee, and Soylent for an entire week sounds like something that will work out pretty well. Updates on my progress should be expected at a daily cadence. Each update will probably be as eventful as the last, but the cumulative nature of the process could produce some interesting prose. That in and of itself will probably be enough to fuel the process.

Just a bit of snow in Denver and some wondering

Today feels like it is starting a little slower than it should. We had a light dusting of snow last night in Denver. That is just enough snow to remind you that it is cold, but enough that it requires any real action. The titles for the blog seem to be getting longer every day. That seems to be something that is happening for no real reason. Maybe it is just one of those things that happens. Today I spent some time looking around at guitar pedals on eBay. I’m not entirely sure why that happened, but it sure did happen. Apparently, the eBay algorithm thinks that I want to purchase either an Earthquaker Devices Sea Machine V3 Chorus pedal or a Mr. Black dark echo effects pedal. I mean it is entirely possible the algorithm thinks that I am going to buy both of those guitar pedals. The sea machine pedal I looked at this morning did look pretty amazing. Part of this afternoon will probably be spent listening to demo videos on YouTube to get a real sense of the pedal.

The one where we went to Benihana

We used to go to a restaurant called Hibachi. It was located within the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City. It may have been more formally known as the Hibachi-Japanese Steakhouse. More than a few birthdays during my formative years were spent at a now closed teppanyaki grill. The format is now ubiquitous and carbon copy restaurants exist all over the place. One of them that happens to have a franchise near me is Benihana.

Tonight as I ordered spicy tofu as an entree it reminded me a lot of all the times we went to visit the Hibachi. Just down the street we had walked to a bookstore. It might have been a Border’s books I don’t exactly recall the name. I do recall eating at the Hibachi. It was a lot more about the experience of driving to the plaza area. Just getting in the car and driving toward downtown was an experience. It would inherently involve battling traffic and driving by very nice houses and even a museum. The entire process of getting to the plaza and parting was memorable.

Shops and all sorts of other things were around the area. They even had some Kansas City’s famed fountains. That is one of those things where i know they were famous, but I never really appreciated them all that much. I think someplace in my office a polaroid photograph exists from one of the trips. For me all of those photos were taken before the advent of digital cameras. That might be way the entire experience remains so fresh in my memory.

Oh Folger’s

Sometimes that Folger’s commercial about the best part of waking up bounces back into my thoughts. I’m not sure if this morning’s cup of coffee from the ballroom carafe might be Folger’s or something else conjured up that memory. It would be easy to say they don’t make commercials like they used to without being trite or cliche. Advertising has changed over the years. Targeting has changed the dynamics.

A day spent thinking about thinking

Today is one of those rare days that will be spent thinking about thinking. That is a rare gift these days. A whole day spent doing only one thing. A day with a single minded purpose. We live in a complex world. Information is everywhere. We have access to tons of information. It can help us make decisions. It can be overwhelming or underwhelming. However, today is not about taking in new information. For better or worse today will be about thinking. That is going to be ok.