Eating only Soylent for an entire week

My Chromebook Stickers

You are probably ready for an update. If that was what you were waiting for, then this post might just be the post for you. This next week I’m converting over to only eating Soylent for every meal. That means 7 straight days of Soylent based meals. I have never managed to do 21 straight meals of nothing but Soylent. My normal days involve one or two Soylent fueled meals. My theory on ordering Soylent was to replace breakfast and some lunches with a more reasonable alternative. Switching over to a diet of water, coffee, and Soylent for an entire week sounds like something that will work out pretty well. Updates on my progress should be expected at a daily cadence. Each update will probably be as eventful as the last, but the cumulative nature of the process could produce some interesting prose. That in and of itself will probably be enough to fuel the process.

A human moment

Things got busy. The type of things outside of my control. That happens. In this case it happened with an extreme vengeance. A vengeance that pretty much overwhelmed everything else that should have been going on. My overwhelming need to write was crushed by the tyranny of tiny tasks and endless escalations. I could not manage to clear enough of them off my plate to move forward. Even my stop doing list was not enough to help dig me out of pile of requests. Today for the first time this year the volume of things at work has slowed down enough to allow me a few moments.

My first instinct was to take a nap. My second instinct was to make some waffles. However, I went a different direction all together. I used some of those moments to browse tickets for the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Denver Broncos game on Sunday January 17, 2016. The prices for tickets to NFL playoff games have gotten fairly pricey. If the Chiefs were playing the Broncos in the playoffs, then it might be worth the price for the experience of attending the game.

I have been looking at buying a new Chromebook of some type for some time. The Asus Flip has been the one that has drawn my attention. That purchase is related to my disappointment with the keyboard options for my Nexus 9 tablet. My primary method of writing involves a keyboard. I have tried voice recognition and using a stylist on my Nexus 9 tablet, but it seems that writing with a keyboard is the method that works best for me.

Within the category of potentially exciting news: I purchased a recipe book (The Taco Cleanse) that includes 75 different vegan taco recipes. The book also reports to be some kind of cleanse. I mostly purchased it to try the recipes. I am hoping they are good and easy to make.

Pending task: Build a one week vegan meal plan with shopping list

It’s true: I’m working on building a one week vegan meal plan with a shopping list. This plan will be challenging. However, if former President of the United States Bill Clinton can stop eating cheeseburgers, then changing my diet has to be possible. After watching Bill Clinton talk about diets on The Rachael Ray Show I decided to open a new category on my weblog called, “My Vegan Challenge.” For those of you have been reading this weblog for a while you probably remember my six week experiment with vegetarianism during March and April of 2010. I’m on my own to eat breakfast and lunch every day. If I can build a shopping list and plan out items that both easy and portable enough to take to work, then I just might be able to make this one week vegan meal plan work. My plan is build a heart healthy one week vegan meal plan and see where it goes from there…

Vegetarianism Experiment

After the conclusion of the vegetarianism experiment, I thought it would be a good idea to centralize all of my commentary related to the project.

Salsa Gordo Perezoso del Hombre
Salsa Gordo Perezoso del Hombre
  1. (Vegetarianism experiment day 1/40) Breakfast was difficult today; I had to avoid the fast food rush after an early dentist appointment. #
  2. (Vegetarianism experiment day 2/40) The big test today will be the drive home from work. #
  3. (Vegetarianism experiment day 2/40) Dinner tonight included a roasted potato taco and a spicy bean burrito. Tomorrow should be exciting! #
  4. (Vegetarianism experiment day 3/40) Tonight my work week will conclude without a celebratory taco. The weekend will be difficult. #
  5. (Vegetarianism experiment day 3/40) Special thanks should be extended to the Chipotle Mexican Grill for providing a vegetarian burrito. #
  6. (Vegetarianism experiment day 4/40) Today started with an early morning trip to the donut store for a dozen mixed. #
  7. (Vegetarianism experiment day 4/40) @andyphelan45 Yes the donut run included bear claws, cinnamon twists, and chocolate glazed donuts. #
  8. (Vegetarianism experiment day 5/40) Will the snowstorm this week inspire a vegetarian chili rendition? Anybody got a recipe? #
  9. (Vegetarianism experiment day 6/40) This may be a tough week. I think working extra long hours will not support a healthy vegetarian diet. #
  10. (Vegetarianism experiment day 7/40) Nobody really sells vegetarian fast food on the way home from the late shift. #
  11. (Vegetarianism experiment day 8/40) I really wanted a celebratory cheeseburger, taco, or steak for the IRB news, but alas… #
  12. (Vegetarianism experiment day 9/40) Friday night at the end of the week always seems to be the prefect time for a burger… #
  13. (Vegetarianism experiment day 10/40) Apparently, Burger King sells a veggie burger; so that Friday night burger and fries happened… #
  14. (Vegetarianism experiment day 11/40) Revisiting the Burger King veggie burger seems like a good idea… #
  15. (Vegetarianism experiment day 11/40) The Chipotle Mexican Grill makes a fantastic vegetarian burrito; however, they close far too early… #
  16. (Vegetarianism experiment day 12/40) Last night around midnight the Burger King veggie burger did not come with fresh fries… #
  17. (Vegetarianism experiment day 13/40) Last night involved a bean and rice burrito; it seems vegetarianism requires making a commitment. #
  18. (Vegetarianism experiment day 14/40) After two weeks of vegetarianism research both breakfast and lunch seem easier to handle than dinner. #
  19. (Vegetarianism experiment day 15/40) The first two weeks of the vegetarianism experiment are complete. Does that call for a tofu taco? #
  20. (Vegetarianism experiment day 16/40) A few beers and a complete bar food menu @The_FoxandHound just might test my vegetarian diet… #
  21. (Vegetarianism experiment day 17/40) The key to the vegetarian diet seems to be early morning protein supplements (and coffee). #
  22. (Vegetarianism experiment day 18/40) I need to break my routines. Eating the same series of foods every week seems monotonous… #
  23. (Vegetarianism experiment day 19/40) Avoiding meat is the easy part; however, going completely vegetarian requires understanding food. #
  24. (Vegetarianism experiment day 20/40) For some reason locating an order of nachos seems to be at the forefront of food considerations today. #
  25. (Vegetarianism experiment day 21/40) Friday night normally involves tacos; tonight might include a quesadilla, tostada, or bean burrito. #
  26. (Vegetarianism experiment day 24/40) The drive to break my vegetarian diet barely exists anymore; I may have turned the corner. #
  27. (Vegetarianism experiment day 25/40) Should vegetarians take additional vitamin supplements? #
  28. (Vegetarianism experiment day 28/40) Most snacks devoted to the current March Madness are not vegetarian… #
  29. (Vegetarianism experiment day 29/40) Today and throughout the week a major point of interest will be avoiding energy drinks. #
  30. (Vegetarianism experiment day 31/40) Vegetarian sandwiches always seem like a great idea; however, rarely do they ever provide satisfaction. #
  31. (Vegetarianism experiment day 34/40) Today will involve vegetarian burritos from Chipotle and DVR episodes of Pawn Stars. #
  32. (Vegetarianism experiment day 35/40) The homestretch seems almost illusory. What are the best vegetarian multi-vitamins or supplements? #
  33. (Vegetarianism experiment day 38/40) Only two days left in the project. Unfortunately, last night my celebratory nachos lacked jalapeños. #
  34. (Vegetarianism experiment day 40/40) Some experiments turn out to be more difficult and complex than expected… #