A few Saturday afternoon thoughts on life

Somebody this morning figured out how to falsely charge one of my credit cards. I learned about this from a declined charge text alert within a few seconds of the actual event. Fraud prevention is getting pretty advanced. In this case it was tied to real time feedback. The reality of having the card number change has just barely started to set in this afternoon. I’m going to have to change a ton of online automatic payment card numbers.

Trying to find some new jeans

Earlier today we went to a Levi outlet store. They did not have any of the 517 style jeans on the shelves. Oddly enough the only bootcut jeans they carried were some 527 slim bootcut style jeans. It has been some time since I have been able to walk into a store and buy my desired bootcut jeans. Apparently, I either need to adjust to buying slim bootcut style jeans or it is time to find some new jeans. Slowly over the last few years my jeans have been wearing out.

My next project

Tomorrow I will commence work on a new data collection algorithm. I’m going to have it aggregate news at a very macro level. The algorithm part of the equation will evaluate the magnitude of awareness. An automated process will be setup to determine the top 10 stories of the day and report the number of people aware of each story. It should be pretty easy to build. Most of the scripting is already complete. End of line.

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