We visited a corn maze today

Today started with a blueberry muffin from Costco and some coffee. Certainly, the muffin was indulgent and unnecessary. It would have been easier just to eat a protein enhanced waffle. That however is not how things worked out. Today was, after all, a big day in the course of the year. It was the day we visit a corn maze. Yes, that statement is literal. We visited the Chatfield Farms location that is part of the Denver Botanic Gardens.

Just in front of the corn maze at Chatfield Farms they have some food trucks. One of them made me a tater twister with some cheese sauce. It was interesting. If you search the grand expanse of the internet for “tater twister”, then you may also be able to make one of these creations. A wide variety of different types of these creations exist. That was one of the things I found somehow interesting.

After driving back from the corn maze it was time to watch some Kansas City Chiefs football. We actually got the game in Denver via over the air broadcast. The digital broadcast that arrives via antenna is actually pretty good. The game today was pretty eventful to watch and that made it even more fun of an afternoon. A little bit of Sunday football was in order after such an eventful morning at the corn maze.

A few Saturday afternoon thoughts on life

Somebody this morning figured out how to falsely charge one of my credit cards. I learned about this from a declined charge text alert within a few seconds of the actual event. Fraud prevention is getting pretty advanced. In this case it was tied to real time feedback. The reality of having the card number change has just barely started to set in this afternoon. I’m going to have to change a ton of online automatic payment card numbers.

Trying to find some new jeans

Earlier today we went to a Levi outlet store. They did not have any of the 517 style jeans on the shelves. Oddly enough the only bootcut jeans they carried were some 527 slim bootcut style jeans. It has been some time since I have been able to walk into a store and buy my desired bootcut jeans. Apparently, I either need to adjust to buying slim bootcut style jeans or it is time to find some new jeans. Slowly over the last few years my jeans have been wearing out.