FXX Simpson’s marathon

Joni and I watched a good chunk of the FXX network Simpson’s television show marathon. I’m not sure it was a good idea to play every Simpson’s episode back to back, but it was entertaining.

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Website Update

I switched out the rolling homepage for a static post. I’m going to give it a week and see how I feel about the change. Today took a strange turn when I decided to watch Season 1 of The League on Netflix.

Happy Independence Day America

The 4th of July is happening outside right now. The public commons seems to be working. A couple hundred people are hanging out and waiting for the fireworks just down the street. John Paul was pretty excited that the petty zoo had a goat. Public parks and opens spaces are all over Colorado. The Broomfield open spaces were one of the reasons we purchased our house. Most of them are pretty nice. Weather forecasts are suggesting it might rain at dusk. I’m hopeful that we will still get to see the fireworks. The Public Broadcasting Service presentation of “A Capital Fourth” has been set to DVR just in case.

Lime Tree Musings

My Fitbit Flex dashboard has reported that I’m not sleeping very well. That is not all that surprising. The fate of current employer hangs in the balance. The final details should be out next week. In honor of the last three years, I’m planning on buying a lime tree (or some type of plant). Yeah — I’m on the hunt for a nice lime tree. Apparently, you can grow limes inside your house. I’m still researching growing citrus indoors. My initial research suggests that the exceedingly low humidity in Colorado might be a deal breaker.