Yes, coffee happened

Coffee happened. This weekend seems to be devoid of any blocks of extreme writing time. Part of that a consequence of the drive between Colorado and Kansas. Last night I did intend to sit down and write for a little bit, but things ended up taking up my time. That is the one thing that is really hard to control. Really digging in and working on complex things takes time. I’m not in full control of my time anymore. That seems to happen as you get older and have more commitments. Life happens. Just like coffee happens. None of that stops me from engaging in better planning to find blocks of time to invest in the things that require my time to push them forward. One of those things has been really digging into advancing my current talk on machine learning and trying to take some of the later sections to the next level.

Early next year, I will circle back and record audio for each of these weblog posts. I have not figured out a really solid method to record audio on my Google Pixel 4 XL smartphone and post that audio to this weblog. The new Google Recorder app produces audio files in a m4a format that this weblog platform does not ingest and display. I had messed around with trying to figure out how to convert m4a to mp3 via some type of application on my smartphone. It is relatively easy to make the conversion from the Audacity audio software, but that requires using a Chromebook/desktop computer.

The next version of my presentation is going to go deeper into examples and be more practical. A few new slides are under development:

  1. Example ML strategy
  2. Vector aligned ML ROI examples
  3. Example compendium of ML KPIs

Understanding content alerts

This is a recording of my blog from December 3, 2019

This will be a rather short post. I’m still thinking about this subject. 

Capturing the attention of the public mind is the essence of marketing. Alerts are the modern spice that helps the attention flow. Over the last day or so I have started thinking about how to build up a study of just how alerts are impacting people. Smartphones are pretty much ubiquitous these days and alerts are a part of how people interact with content. To kickstart that effort I’m writing down the various ways I get alerts throughout the day to begin to understand the pattern. Figuring out broader patterns of how people get content alerts will take a little bit longer and probably involve some type of survey to generate enough data to write a short paper on the subject. That is where my head is at at the moment.

20191014 Thoughts

Whoa… today was a day when writing did not really feel like a good idea. Things just went a little bit sideways and did not seem to have much forward momentum. That is sort of where my thoughts ended up earlier. Instead of dwelling on that it seemed like a good idea to brew a mug of green tea and watch a little bit of The Curse of Oak Island on Netflix. Maybe that helped get this session of writing going a bit tonight.

I checked my notes from Google Keep and thought a little bit about the big Google announcement tomorrow. It is entirely possible that tomorrow a new Google Pixel 4 XL will be my next smartphone. We will see how the preorder process and the pricing ends up landing during the event. Apparently, tomorrow just might be the day that a new Google Pixelbook gets launched. This ASUS Chromebook Flip has seen better days and is currently missing a few keys, but otherwise works. Tomorrow might just be the day that a new Chromebook and smartphone are ordered.

Earlier today I started thinking about picking up some new vinyl The Doors records. That piece of extremely keen insight was in my Google Keep notes. A lot of notes have been piling up recently and some of them probably deserve a bit of discovery. That typically involves taking a thought and exploring it via written prose for a few minutes or maybe an hour. Nothing really seems to get more attention than an hour these days. Actually have an hour to devote to any one thing is pretty rare these days.

What is a creative period and why does it happen

Today I spent some time wondering about the nature of what exactly a creative period entails and why it happens. That is one of those things that could have been a lot more valuable a few years ago, but maybe just maybe it could prove out to be a valuable exercise today. Anyway, sometimes I go through cycles of extreme productivity and other times things just don’t happen that way. One of the really key parts of a creative period is using it to actually produce something of value. Sometimes that is the part of the process that has to be identified. Figuring out exactly what it takes to be in a creative period and knowing what to do with that opportunity are both complex things to consider. This little bit of prose feels a little stilted, but the basic point I was trying to get across is here somewhere between the lines.

Getting ready to win the week

This week should prove to be very interesting. Today for the first time in a long time my thoughts aligned on what it means to be a good academic. Accepting that writing a paper every 4 months is the minimum standard to publishing or at least writing 3 solid papers a year. You might think that sounds pretty basic and that accepting that would be easy enough to achieve. Unfortunately, that is not the case. It has not been the case and it is only sort of becoming the case right now. Last year based on my personal standard for writing, I was not a well behaved academic writer. Sure I wrote a ton of words and some of them were interesting. More of those words should have been devoted to academic purposes. This will be the year that I get back on track. It should be easy.