Watching some classic Star Trek

Four years ago today my life changed in a rather profound way. Four years later John Paul watched the classic Trouble With Tribbles episode of Star Trek on Netflix for the first time. John Paul mostly enjoyed it. I ended up watching the Deep Space Nine version (S5: E6) right after viewing the classic episode. The started with a trip to the butterfly pavilion. It was an interesting trip. A butterfly landed on me. It just stayed on my messenger bag. It would not move. A staff member at the pavilion had to remove it. They do that before you are allowed to leave the exhibit. Joni thought it was pretty funny. I was less than amused.   


Tonight — I’m watching the John Cusack classic, “Better off Dead.” It’s a pretty funny movie. I’ll probably move on to watching “High Fidelity” at some point this evening. That’s probably going to happen.

Work has been bonkers for the last month. I missed a publishing deadline. My usual writing output has slowed to a few sticky notes. Finding time to write should have been easy. It should have been something I made time for. Things are important for a reason. Those reasons tend to become clear over time.

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The new Prometheus movie trailer from Ridley Scott looks amazing

The new Prometheus movie trailer from Ridley Scott was amazing to watch. The visual effects based content presented in the trailer made a petty compelling case for going to go see the movie. When the distributor releases the movie on June 8, 2012 will the product have an audience that shows up? Paying customers are becoming an increasingly scarce commodity within the movie business. The last year has been particular rough for cinemas. The last major science fiction genre film released John Carter (2012) is on pace to set an unprecedented loss record for Disney. Will the Ridley Scott directed Prometheus be a box office release  that is be able to draw in adult audiences?