On Twitter archives

For some ineffable reason people are visiting my Twitter export archives from 2012. I had actually stopped exporting my tweets over to the weblog. Most of the time my writing efforts on Twitter are related to sharing links to things. My Twitter feed is really just a series of links to things that have caught my attention and have been shared online. This year during the pandemic I have spent more time engaging with people on Twitter, but that is not like a classic debate or a prolonged exchange. Typically the exchanges are very short in nature. I’d classify them as answered questions or asking questions. That would pretty much allow them to be categorized as questions and answers. People however are spending time reading my archived observations from 2012. I joined Twitter back in March of 2009 and to the best of my knowledge the 6,531 tweets that I have online go back to the start. Maybe I was more interesting back in 2012. That is entirely possible I guess. Anyway, I had stopped archiving all my tweets and I’m not in favor of restarting an archive at this point. The format for sharing content is simply too constrained. Even with the linked way people post tweets now this one single passage of prose would be huge and reading it would be disjointed and in my view undesirable. I’ll just leave this passage of prose right here where it will be safe from being torn asunder. 

During the course of yesterday I got to watch some college football on television. We only have the main broadcast television stations that are available over the air. That did mean that we got a few football games yesterday and today we will have some NFL games that were selected for national broadcast availability. Sports are starting to trickle back in across the channels. It was really strange to see classic games being broadcast on television. We have even been watching a bunch of Stanley Cup playoff games that did not involve the Colorado Avalanche this year. I guess any return to normal routines is welcomed at this point. It has been a very strange year. 

I was sort of hoping that Casey Neistat returned to daily vlogging on YouTube this week. I’m not entirely sure why I watched all the previous daily vlogs from Casey, but they were enthralling, engaging, and easily accessible. The way I watch YouTube videos is not really by suggestion. I have subscribed to a bunch of content creators and I just login in every day and go to my subscription feed:


That includes no real suggestions or anything; it is just a feed of the creators that I have elected to subscribe to and watch content from on a daily basis. This is pretty much how I ended up replacing cable. I replaced it with a never ending stream of content that is way more tailored to the things that I want to watch about traveling, guitars, and technology. Sometimes the videos are about technology for guitars, but mostly they are just pedal or guitar demos.

Ok Halloween

Ammiditantly, I really enjoyed searching Twitter for the phrase, “ok boomer.” In honor of that indulgence, I’m naming the weblog post for today, “Ok Halloween.” You probably get the spirit. Tonight I’m going to kick it old school and live blog Halloween. You are welcome in advance.

Changing up my writing routine

It may be time to change up my writing routine. A long time ago, I would hammer out a weblog post before going to sleep. That happened almost every day. It could be something that starts happening again. During my morning writing sessions pretty much everything out ranks a good weblog post. My efforts are typically dedicated to other types of writing. That is not a bad thing, but it does limit my functional journaling. Perhaps from this point in time moving forward a nightly weblog post will be a part of my routine.

On a stack of old journals

My Nalgene 1000 ml water bottle has been working very well. That was a solid purchase. It was not the only purchase I spent time thinking about today. I thought about journaling by hand today. A stack of old journals sit on my bookshelf. Most of them are from my days in college. My primary notebook sits on the shelf. My handwriting has not really changed very much over the years. During the course of going through a box in my office, I found the oldest journal still in my possession. It was first written in on November 28, 1999 at 3:20 AM in Lawrence, Kansas.

My first entry in the journal contained the passage, “I begin with a few words to describe my intentions. I have always wanted to express myself in words and I hope to express my thoughts in manor that will be understandable by others. I apologize ahead of time for all grammar, words misspelled, and otherwise poor penmanship. Otherwise, my phrases are mind and I will them to the pages in the spirt of persevering my thought form the inevitable loss. If only I can begin to express my desires and dreams in words, then I will be able to unlock my passions and give you a glimpse into my mind. I wish all who read these passages well.”

Watching AMC

For the last two nights, I have watched the two part premier of Better Call Saul on AMC. Breaking Bad was a pretty fantastic television show. That was enough to guarantee that people would watch Better Call Saul. It was enough to guarantee I would watch. I’m not sure where the show will end up, but it was interesting take on the character.

Today was a rough day. It has been a rough week. Swarms of things have had to get done. I have been looking for a real challenge. Last week the edX group sent me an email about an MIT class called The Analytics Edge. I signed up to take the class. It should be a thought-provoking experience. It might just be enough to challenge me. Based on the description it should be an interesting course.

I’m still getting used to working for a new college. Apparently, earlier this month the rights to my employment were sold. It seems like a better arrangement. It might be an arrangement that includes a pay increase. That would be nice.