Watching AMC

For the last two nights, I have watched the two part premier of Better Call Saul on AMC. Breaking Bad was a pretty fantastic television show. That was enough to guarantee that people would watch Better Call Saul. It was enough to guarantee I would watch. I’m not sure where the show will end up, but it was interesting take on the character.

Today was a rough day. It has been a rough week. Swarms of things have had to get done. I have been looking for a real challenge. Last week the edX group sent me an email about an MIT class called The Analytics Edge. I signed up to take the class. It should be a thought-provoking experience. It might just be enough to challenge me. Based on the description it should be an interesting course.

I’m still getting used to working for a new college. Apparently, earlier this month the rights to my employment were sold. It seems like a better arrangement. It might be an arrangement that includes a pay increase. That would be nice.

KU vs Richmond Live Blog Post

The game is under way…

5:55 pm The Jayhawks are off to a great start. When the inside game develops in the second half this game could get out of hand for Richmond.

5:59 pm 29-9 would be the time to put on the gas… letting up in the tournament is recipe for disaster.

6:06 pm I just finished a cheesesteak sandwich and am considering a 3rd beer…


6:36 pm A strong start will probably include the inside game. Getting the Morris twins involved early cold pay dividends down the stretch.

6:50 pm Richmond has had a few good stretches… the Jayhawk have stopped pushing the ball up court on every possession.

7:06 pm The Jayhawks have not been able to push the lead beyond 20 points.

7:16 pm At some point, the coaches are going to empty the benches 75-52

8:13 pm The Jayhawks won the game 77-57 and advanced to the elite eight.

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Thursday workout extravaganza

This post will be live…

You guessed it; Today’s weblog notes are brought to you courtesy of Joni’s workout plan. The new plan involves more gym time and less relaxation.

I am already plotting KU game snacks. The game is going to be a late night adventure. The alumni watch party should interesting. Late night games always insight the wildness. With an luck the Fox and the Hound will have a decent drink special.

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Tuesday at the gym

I am actually at the gym right now…

In case you are wondering, Joni has designed a new workout plan that involves me having to go to the gym every week. I am not a fan of the new plan. Working out seems like a poor use of my most limited resource, “time.”

I have been thinking about using my gym time to live blog random stream of consciousness derived prose. However, texting on a treadmill is harder than I thought. I have seen people text while jogging, but I just don’t have that degree of skill.

I did manage to keep my target heart rate for 30 minutes without having a heart attack.

I consider my accomplishment a moral victory. A moral victory that deserved a pack of tacos in a brown paper bag.

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KU vs Illinois Live Blog Post

The game will be starting soon enough…

I will be live blogging throughout the evening.

6:35 PM Texas just got zebra’ed at the end of the Arizona game.

6:42 PM Joni is debating between a taco salad or the black and blue burger. I went with the cheese steak sandwich and sweet potato fries. The zebras are becoming a major storyline this year.

6:53 PM The game got delayed… at least CBS stopped game hopping. The new distribution model with multiple channels was a brilliant move.

The game has started…

7:04 PM The inside game started strong enough to get the hi/low going.

The first timeout…

7:10 PM The Jayhawks need to maintain this intensity level for the rest of the game.

7:24 PM The emotional start has faded into NBA style half court defense…

7:32 PM Both Morris twins are making a strong case for positive NBA scouting reports…

The first half is over

7:47 PM I hope Bill Self talks about maintaining a good tempo, using the inside game versus taking 3’s, and playing inspired defense at halftime.

The second half has started

8:10 PM The Jayhawks need a strong start to gain momentum…

8:17 PM Why is this game still competitive?

8:26 PM What happened to the inside game?

8:39 PM The Jayhawks have the advantage inside, but the whole team is settling for 3’s.

9:00 PM When did the pivot screen become legal? If you move during a screen, then the screen becomes illegal.

…and the Jayhawks won.

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