Working on better working

Today I decided to start living up to the idea of treating every day with the greatest possible sense of urgency — like it could be the last. That seems so logical. Taking action to seize the day makes sense. Treating every day as an opportunity is an equal part of figuring out how to take action. This post was going to be really long. I was going to write something really interesting about the nature of the path forward. Obviously, that writing effort did not happen. Part of the problem this morning was my focus being diverted to something else. It was something on the edge of my attention that just jumped into focus.

The promise of getting things done

Yesterday seemed to be a day full of promise, but ended up being a day where that promise was left on the horizon. I’m still keeping my phone in a Pelican G40 case. Even with those few extra minutes of productivity I could not get everything done that needed to get done. That happens and it seems to be happening more and more. Working real time and getting things done is one way to make sure nothing stacks up on a list of pending items. Some of the items that need to get done take a lot more than one day of effort. Sure I could start to break down those papers that need to get written into sections and tasks that could be done in a day and begin to fight the good fight to get those tasks and sections done and over time all of it would end up resulting in periods of extreme productivity and output. Maybe just reading that was enough to help me change directions.

I took the time to watch some of the debate from last night. That happened in my office and it seemed disjointed. I’m still stuck at why a real party platform is not being presented to help people understand a political trajectory. Overall, the debate format was better than the last round, but it still seemed to jump around a lot due to the number of people on the stage. It is really hard to have a focused conversation with 10 people on a stage. Maybe the fact that we are at peak podcast has changed the way a lot of people consume content. A podcast provides a format for really deep conversations. Yesterday, I really enjoyed listening to Mark Cuban and Nilay Patel have a deep conversation about technology and even net neutrality. That conversation had a degree of depth that helped provide context and ultimately expanded the conversation.