Notes from 20101114

  • After watching televised advertisements, I learned Papa Murphy’s now has a Bacon Bacon Bacon Pizza (a pizza with three kinds of bacon). Americas has developed a fascination with bacon and Papa Murphy’s pizza has decided to exploit that fascination for profit. What percentage of people using video recording options to capture content (for time shifting) takes the time to watch commercials? Do live sporting events and AM radio shows provide the only method of actual advertisement and therefore should be more expensive?

  • If NBC decided to sustain the blockade against Google TV, then the potential for online advertisement revenue will be lost. Say for example somebody wanted to watch full-length episodes of the show Outsourced on the NBC website using Google TV and the blockaded turned away that potential viewer. Not only did NBC fail to gain additional advertisement revenue, but the network also lost the opportunity to diversify the brand by introducing new viewers to other content (generating additional revenue streams). Consider for a moment, that NBC has also disenfranchised anybody who owns or uses a Google TV. Broadcast television stations lack subscription subscribes and have no contractual obligations to hold viewers hostage. Maybe disenfranchisement was the wrong choice.

  • If anybody has had a chance to demo (or has as strong opinion about) any of the Sony Internet TV powered HDTV systems, then please let me know what you think about the device. I am considering purchasing the NSX46GT1 model to replace my primary television. I am in the market for a new television and I believe that internet television will replace conventional television within the next two years.

  • The shop now link at Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue provides a resource for individuals who want to acquire mail order barbeque. After an initial online review, two items stood out: Item #PKSS0436 $59.95 Sunday Sit-Down Special and the Item #PKBT0315 $79.95 Big Taste of Kansas City. A review of the online delivery system will probably be forthcoming at some point in the not so distant future.

*What is the real difference between Microsoft Office 2007 and Microsoft Office 2010? I am considering upgrading to get Microsoft Word 2010…

Notes from 20101107

The (daylight savings extended) day started with a sweet Windows 7 error. What could be more wicked fun than a day full of wicked errors? When a computer profile does not load correctly doing any kind of meaningful work becomes problematic. For the most part doing meaningful work at 3:00 AM MST becomes problematic.

Joni thought it was a good idea to pain accent walls and the regular walls in the family room. The exceptionally dark red historic color Joni selected seems to require a minimum of three coats of paint to fully cover our lightly textured white walls. The redesign will also include a major purchase. At some point between now and the first of next year, a new television will be purchased. The purchase will be based on the television purchase paradigm in celebration of the holiday season. We have started to visually evaluate HDTV options. Given the situation two general buying options exists including  buying either a high altitude plasma HDTV or a LED HDTV.

A good competitive game is the best part about having Sunday off during football season. The Minnesota Vikings certainly delivered an exciting second half of National Football League (NFL) action this Sunday.

Do plasma televisions suffer from glare problems? Within the proposed television-viewing situation, the plasma television will face exposure to three different sets of windows creating a potential for glare throughout the entire day. A quick Google search reveals the ability to purchase an anti-glare shield for plasma televisions. If companies are producing glare shields, then the product design probably has a shortfall that aftermarket modifications are attempting to correct.

New Television Search Protocol:

  1. Solicit personal recommendations from trusted sources
  2. Search for online reviews from all sources
  3. Compare reviews from trusted online sources and general online sources
  4. Acquire hands on experience at retail locations
  5. Compare technical specifications and pricing using a standardized matrix

Predefined variables:

  1. The space will only support a television up to 58 inches wide.
  2. 1080P would be the absolute minimum television resolution required.
  3. The device will need to have at least 4 HDMI inputs.

HDTV Update: If anybody has had a chance to use any of the Sony Google TV powered Android based HDTV systems, then please tell me what you think about the device. I am considering purchasing the NSX46GT1 model to replace my primary television.

20100827 Weblog Adventures

A weblog rule violation almost occurred today. A major post about the phone that cannot be named is resting in weblog draft status. Weblog postings seem to require more and more energy to complete. Over the last few months the Twitter update utility has been providing updates. A recent change in Twitter policy has changed the entire weblog archive policy. All future weblog updates will involve a series of keystrokes instead of automated processes.

Why would finding a great Lasagna recipe be difficult?
What is better a digital archive or a recipe box?

Being able to relax might be the best part of having Friday off from work. The biggest adventure today will probably involve cleaning the Ford Explorer. Somehow or someway the Explorer gets exceptionally dirty.

Update: The explorer is now clean.

What are the best android applications?

HTC EVO 4G Shortages

Who would have ever guessed at the advent of the digital age that technology companies would have a hard time producing portable electronics?

With any new technology the process of early adoption always remains problematic. HTC will probably continue attempting to be a functional wireless device manufacturing company. At some point the company will need to ramp up production to meet real work demand. Sprint is struggling to have enough 4G devices in the marketplace.

Unless something new comes along in the next few weeks, I will keep waiting for the HTC EVO 4G to become available.

Everything could have been somewhat easy, but nothing in the real work every really works out that way. Rob and a few other people have noticed the number of posts on this weblog about the HTC EVO 4G. Then again Rob “The World’s Finest” tends to engage in the process of creating origami. Rob may or may not be the foremost connoisseur of paper based shuriken (ninja stars) on the planet. At some point, HTC will manage to produce enough of the HTC EVO 4G phones to make the commercially available online again for regular consumers who refuse to wait at stores for random delivers.

In other somewhat related news, this morning Andy from Chicago might have received a free bag of dog treats. In response to my low resolution camera phone powered by the Verizon Wireless network Andy was going to send HTC EVO 4G inspired high resolution photographs to my phone. Unfortunately, my handset cannot even begin to open an eight megapixel photograph.

I guess all random acts of kindness should be supported.