Wondering Forward

Even things that seemed relatively stable change periodically. However, I am still bitter my search for a proper sandwich on Thursday was decimated by the evil overloads of Quiznos (subs, soups, and salads) who discontinued meatball subs. Sometimes an individual might face a specific food hunger that can become almost overpowering. A specific food hunger can develop into the formational basis of a mission. Each mission develops with specific objectives and requirements. In this case, the mission involved the search for a sandwich.

Maybe now is a good time to move from thinking about the current mission to a more proactive attempt to understand all of the relevant history. As a retrospective sojourn into the nature of specific food hungers spending some time creating reflective prose seems to be almost necessary. During the course of the last year I have adopted a 2/3 vegetarian diet during breakfast and lunch. Alternatively, during the Lenten season I was able to adopt a completely vegetarian diet. Right now everyday is a struggle between a previous lifestyle and a healthier vegetarian diet.

Spring Cleaning Theory

In regards to the wallet situation; unbeknownst to me the wallet (now found) was located between the seats in the car. During the initially problematic search for the wallet a significant amount of cleaning occurred in both the living room and the basement. For some reason regardless of the amount of cleaning that occurs in the basement the realization of a clean basement never fully occurs. At some point in the future a garage sale will be required to facilitate realization of the new clean basement policy. Maybe having enough space to walk around while playing guitar will be personally inspiring or at least somewhat relaxing. Over the years, my collection of 80’s inspired metal (a word defining a musical genre) guitar pedals has been growing. Sometimes finding that signature guitar amplification sound of the past requires knowing the right settings for the right pedal.

Revolutionary Considerations

Yesterday was an interesting day on the grind at work. The never ending wisdom of the crowd seemed to be outsourcing humanity without remorse or hesitation. Unbridled aggression without any purpose, logic, or reason rarely accomplishes anything meaningful. Maybe at that point even the most basic accomplishment would stand for something. A day or two of perspective might clean everything up and make even the most complex considerations appear well defined. The work week concluded last night without any significant revolutions. A self imposed cool down of twenty minutes seemed necessary at the end of the night.

In response to the evening the morning started out with a search for biscuits. Throughout the entire search for breakfast a Blu-ray/DVD combo package of James Cameron’s Avatar was waiting at home. Unfortunately, James had to wait as the hunt for completed survey questionnaires continued. At some point, the dissertation project will be complete. Until that major milestone is complete every weekend is devoted to a combination of cleaning the house and striving toward some degree of academic productivity.

Strangely enough the last week has involved discussions of mobile technology. Within the discussion the relative merits of both BlackBerry devices and various Droid (Android) systems received consideration. Most of the discussion and consideration about the mobile devices centered on a combination of debating the merits of electronic mail (email) and mobile internet access. Right now the technological trajectory seems to be leading up to the inevitable purchase of a BlackBerry device.

Weblog Saturday

Andy from Chicago provided an interesting observation about the number of tacos that could be consumed within a single year. Without question this weekend will include a few tacos and probably a few football games. Weekends typically provide two solid days of reprieve from the standard operating procedures of the work week.

Here is a randomly assorted list of shows that have been programmed into the digital video recording (DVR) device. Most of the shows are currently being broadcast, but some of the shows have been canceled. Somehow the DVR list does not automatically adjust to reflect the most current broadcast lineup. Eventually somebody will develop an algorithm that would use predictive preference based analysis to suggest alternative viewing material. .

  1. Castle
  2. American Idol
  3. Sanctuary
  4. House
  5. Fringe
  6. Bones
  7. Grey’s Anatomy
  8. The Simpsons
  9. King of the Hill
  10. Family Guy
  11. American Dad
  12. Iron Chef America
  13. Private Practice
  14. My Name is Earl
  15. Kitchen Nightmares
  16. 24
  17. Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
  18. Lie to Me
  19. Hell’s Kitchen
  20. The Office
  21. Man v. Food
  22. In Plain Sight
  23. Meerkat Manor
  24. Glee
  25. So you think you can dance
  26. The Goode Family
  27. Torchwood
  28. Mental
  29. Kathy Griffin: My life on the D-List
  30. Top Chef Masters
  31. Star Trek The Next Generation
  32. Doctor Who
  33. Warehouse 13
  34. Eureka
  35. Being Human
  36. Flipping Out
  37. Shaq Vs.
  38. Stargate Universe
  39. Flash Forward
  40. V
  41. The Big Bang Theory

Reviewing Card Collecting

The new stream of consciousness format for the NelsCAST seems to be up and running successfully functioning with a minimal level of maintenance. Audio recording seems to be a good hobby. Outside of hobby considerations the world continues to strive forward. For a very good reason the next few weeks will be very tense. Waiting on confirmation about chapters always seems to create a certain amount of anticipatory anxiety.

The hobby of baseball card collecting has rapidly changed over the last decade. Gradually, the hobby has expanded beyond baseball card collecting into a multitude of potential card collecting avenues. For example, the rise of football card collecting has significantly increased during the last decade. Even the nature of graded sports trading cards has transformed the hobby. Overall, the hobby is changing and those changes require a careful review of the practice of card collecting.