Revisiting my Fitbit Blaze experience

Yesterday involved a late night of television watching. That holds true for a large portion of the nation. It seemed like a good day to change my routines. I was motivated by a lack of sleep and some very real emotion about the election. Today I returned to walking on my treadmill. I knocked out 5,000 steps on that treadmill. Not only does that mark a healthy return to my exercise routine, but also it marks the return of my Fitbit to my daily activities. That return to using a Fitbit reminded me just how much more I wanted from the Fitbit Blaze. I’m not sure why Fitbit has kept the Blaze so spartan in terms of features. It handles showing calendar notices, calls, and texts, but does not do much else outside of tracking basic fitness data. The Fitbit Blaze does provide heart rate tracking, sleep logging, and step counts. That data helps me ensure that I’m getting enough sleep each night and logging at least 10,000 steps a day. With a good routine those things could happen organically, but it is easier to track with good historical data.

Thoughts on my Fitbit Blaze smart fitness watch

Saturday, at the end of the day I took off my Fitbit Blaze smart fitness watch. Nothing compelled me to put it back on this weekend. Maybe it is time to return to wearing my Citizen watch. The promise of smartwatches was certainly compelling. It was a narrative that promised the ability to do so many things. I would probably wear a fairly large watch to forgo having to carry a phone. We will see how long it takes before the Fitbit Blaze returns to my daily routine.

Adventure Wednesday

My new Fitbit Surge personal fitness tracker has been working well. It is much easier to charge than the Fitbit Flex. The heartrate data is really helping me understand my exercise routine. It has been interesting to watch my heartrate changes throughout the day. I’m still getting used to the size of the watch, but things seem to be working out.

The most adventurous thing that happened today was getting a glass of cranberry juice. Apparently, it was really only 27% cranberry juice. I’m guessing the rest was mostly water and sugar. It was good. I enjoyed it.

At some point in the not so distant future, I will be able to sit down at my desk and my monitor, keyboard, and mouse will be controlled by my smartphone. A mobile phone should be able to wirelessly drive my desktop technology. Mobile phones are already more powerful than many generations of computers. I’m seriously wondering about using a cell phone as a PC replacement. Some people really seem to think that a smartphone could be the computer of the future.

One of those days

It was one of those days. The kind of day where you brew two cups of coffee back to back from the same K-Cup. One cup is always inherently stronger than the other. I’m not sure exactly when the back to back brew started. It only happens about once a week. A massive pile of work to get done created the necessity of starting the day off on the right track.

My Keurig is really starting to fail. In a couple of months, I will probably be buying a new Keurig 2.0 coffee maker. We have had the current one for a long time and have been very happy with it.

My new treadmill has been working well enough. This might be the week that I finally use the new treadmill belt lubricant that arrived a couple weeks ago. Treadmill maintenance will be part of my monthly routine.

I’m getting used to watching YouTube while I exercise. Over the years, YouTube has really started to house a tremendous amount of content. I have been watching a ton of Leo Laporte, Tom Merritt, and Patrick Norton programming. TekThing is a new show that has shown some real progress.

My Initial Fitbit Surge Review

At the end of last week, my brand new Fitbit Surge arrived in a nondescript USPS delivered box. The packaging was a little tight and almost hard to open. It seemed like the watch was forced into a box designed to fit on store shelves. The tagline on the box called it the, “Fitness Super Watch.” Getting the device setup took about 10 minutes. The process was pretty straight forward. I removed the watch from the box, read the instructions, plugged the device into my computer via a very custom USB cable, and completed an update. After the update was complete, the device was ready to pair to my Fitbit account. My Fitbit Flex was removed from my account and the Fitbit Surge was added. I was wearing the Fitbit Surge and watching my heartrate in about 10 minutes of setup time.

Here are my initial thoughts after 2 days of using the device:

  • I’m over 200 lbs and the large version of the watch looks big on my wrist. It is by far bigger than any of the Citizen watches I own.
  • Based on interacting with other smartwatches, I expected to be able to do more things from the touchscreen. It pretty much only provides fitness data.
  • The software development team should update the device to show some information about charging when it is plugged in via USB. Great engineers could probably have it display how many minutes of charging are left.
Fitbit Surge vs. Fitbit Flex on my desk
Fitbit Surge vs. Fitbit Flex on my desk