My new Fitbit flex arrived last night. The package with alternative wristbands will arrive later this week. Joni got it for me as a birthday present. I’m not sure that I need to track my workouts, but it should be interesting. Last night the Fitbit tracked my sleep pattern. Apparently, I moved around a bunch. Maybe that explains why I reached for a larger cup of coffee.

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Rainy day

Rain has been falling since yesterday. Yesterday happened so fast. Lately, that seems to be happening more and more.  Going from meeting to meeting makes things seem to go quickly. Having a few moments to think about context and strategy is important. I spend an hour at the gym every weekday composing my thoughts and thinking through different strategies. The exercise probably has helped my focus. Maintaining a new diet and vitamin regimen did not hurt my energy and concentration levels. Right now I measure the amount of time I can spend in deep thought or writing at a high level. The entire routine is designed to maximize my productivity. The outcomes matter.

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Exercise plan update

Apparently, the key to starting a workout routine was leaving the house ready to work out. For the most part it is the same people every morning that are working out. My plan was to workout every weekday morning before work. The plan worked. The only exception to the plan was my trip to Chicago. That trip involved a lot of walking, but no visits to the gym. The gym is only about a quarter full this early in the morning. At this point, working out is part of my routine.

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New running shoes

Procured a new pair of Nike running shoes yesterday from the local Sports Authority store. They weight about half of what my old shoes did. The last time I had purchased running shoes it was technically a different century. The old ones pretty much had only been used during sporadic lawn mowing sessions. Our last yard was pretty small. I could now it with a push mower in about 15 minutes.

At the time of the purchase the Sports Authority store was pretty empty. A nice  college age employee told me all about the different shoes. Apparently, that particular employee really liked the new Nike Free running shoes and the arch support insoles. Before I went to the store after work my coworkers told me not to get the insoles, but it seemed like a good idea.

This morning after warming up and wearing the new shoes the plan seems to be achieving the desired effect. No shin splints today. That’s pretty awesome in my book. After a month of working out it appears I need to better manage my exercise routine.

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Staying on track

This has been a productive week. I seem to be getting a lot of stuff done very quickly.

Joni is super concerned that I do not understand what a mud run entails. I know it will be a difficult to complete 3.5 mile track covered by mud. My weekday running routine has been expanded to include 3 miles each session. If I can maintain my weekday workout regimen for the next couple of months, then I should be able to complete the mud run.

On the academic front, I may be picking up a business strategy class this term. Over the course of the last two years, my course roster has only included intro to business. It will be nice to get back to grading APA formatted papers again. Introduction to business is a first term class. Business strategy is a 7th term class. I should find out this weekend what classes I actually get assigned.

At the MPSA conference last week, I made the decision to start volunteering to review journal articles. My research background is pretty technical in nature, but I think being a reviewer could be a rewarding experience.

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