Gym plan day 3

Watching people text and workout has proven interesting. During the first day of my workout plan I turned to my left and realized everyone on the treadmill was texting. I’m not sure what compels them to text, but I will tell you it is harder to do than it looks.

I already can tell my energy level has changed. The hardest part was convincing myself to get dressed for the gym in the morning. My old office building had a gym. It would have been so easy to work out, but I never made that part of my routine. For me the routine matters. It is how I manage to write papers, teach classes online, and work 60 hours a week at my regular job.

If I can keep working out every weekday morning for the next 30 days, then this change may become a permanent part of my routine. 

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Two days in a row at the gym

This week I launched a new weekday fitness plan. Every day before going to work I plan to stop off at the gym for 45 minutes to an hour. The new fitness plan has been paired with a new vitamin regime. I’m taking daily Vitafusion gummy vitamin supplements for C, D3, B6, B12, and CoQ10. The B complex vitamin does includes a few different things. I had tried a pure B12 vitamin, but simply did not like the on edge feeling it caused. Remember to consult your physician if you plan on taking multiple vitamin supplements. Together the gym and vitamins seem to be working. I’m two days in and still going strong.

Let’s hope the plan works for the next 30 days…

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