A rainy Mother’s Day Sunday mixed with some NBA basketball

Joni picked up dinner yesterday from the best Thai restaurant in Colorado Springs — Arharn Thai located near North Carefree and Constitution. We mixed it up a little bit by ordering the Pad Prig Prow instead of the drunken noodles or Phad Thai. Overall we had:

  • 3 Egg Rolls
  • Crab cheese wontons
  • Pad Prig Prow with beef (hot)
  • Panang curry with beef (Thai hot)
  • Bangkok fried rice with tofu (medium)

This year most NBA games were broadcast on cable networks. Fortunately, the America Broadcast Corporation (ABC) executives via ESPN talent have been broadcasting two NBA playoff games a week on Sundays. LeBron James may have just received a 3rd NBA MVP trophy this year, but the Miami Heat team is still lacking a true center to anchor the backcourt. I cannot decide if I want to pop some movie theater butter popcorn or heat up the leftover Bangkok fried rice. The eclectic mix Indiana Pacers players have been able to create some interesting matchup problems for the all-star players on the Miami Heat.

Other notes:

  • In terms of technology related news, I’m quietly working on a review of my new Nikon D3200 digital SLR camera.
  • Will the HTC EVO 4G LTE be an awesome phone? I get to upgrade my Sprint phone or change carriers on June 1, 2012.
  • I watched episode 5 of “On the Verge” on my TiVo. The Verge editor Paul Miller has taken a vow of internet silence. I am predicting that Paul will fail miserably. Why would a tech journalist attempt to successfully go without the internet for an entire year? Perhaps Paul has been ordered by a judge to stop using the internet…

NCAA Final Four Kansas vs. Ohio State – Fox and Hound Watch Party

I’m getting ready for the big game. The sports commentators are picking Ohio State. Naturally, I always believe the University of Kansas basketball team will pull off the win.

Is a new transformers movie coming out this summer?

7:13 the Jayhawks are not off to a strong start… Robinson has left 6 points on the floor by missing shots in the paint.

7:18 here we go!!!

7:58 so the first half did not go very well for the Jayhawks… The zebras were horrible… The Kentucky vs. Louisville game had way more contact with fewer whistles…

8:30 Bill Self must have given the halftime speech of the millennium. Throughout the tournament the Jayhawks have been without a doubt a second half team.

9:00 Did you say a comeback! Jeff Withey has taken shot blocked to the next level. Who has some additional questions to answer? NBA scouts that thought Jared Sullinger could dominate a shot blocking 7 footer.

Joni, John Paul, and I watched the entire game at the Fox and the Hound. University of Kansas Alumni in Colorado Springs are always welcome to attend the Colorado Springs Jayhawks watch parties during basketball and football season.


Getting ready for a KU watch party at the Fox and the Hound

Over the course of the last year my focus on getting a new laptop has gone from a passing interest to an objective for the year. What is the point of buying an ultrabook? Most of the desktop replacement laptops don’t have enough battery life to truly mobile. Time management matters. My current schedule has become rather erratic. At 5:00 AM Mountain Time my alarm goes off and the day begins. Each day is pretty much the same as the next.

Updating a Netflix disc queue used to reliably be a weekend activity for millions of people. If you don’t really mind have real-time content delivery, then Netflix can easily provide on demand media content via the internet.

In preparation for the basketball game between the University of Kansas and the University of North Carolina, I decided to watch the Deep Space Nine (DS9) episode “Trials and Tibble-ations.” I had reserved a few hours of time this afternoon to write. Writing is a form of mental exercise. In a couple of hours, Joni and I are going to take little John Paul to a University of Kansas watch party at the local Colorado Springs Fox and the Hound (Sports, Spirits, & Fun).

Post St. Patrick’s Day KU Game Wildness vs. Purdue

I have about five hours of work to do today, but some distractions have surfaced. People really seem to enjoy and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. During the course of preparing for the day, I stated downloading the public release of Diablo III from the Battle Net servers. While I was waiting for the download to finish, I started cleaning up my desk area. I have a Fellows paper shredder that is nearing the end of its lifecycle. Paper shredders have gone from a specialized office technology to a common part of a home office. Like a growing number of people who are hyper-focused on protecting personal information, I put almost every piece of mail my entire family receives through a cross-cut paper shredder.

I just received an email notice after completing a NORC (National Opinion Research Center) survey online that noted, “Certificate of Completion of the Survey of Earned Doctorates Questionnaire. This certifies that Nels Lindahl, a student at Walden University, has completed the Survey of Earned Doctorates on 3/18/2012.” The survey did not really delve into my personal experiences related to doctoral education. The researchers could have extracted most of the information they requested from the UMI system. I would highly suggest that NORC partner with UMI to include the survey of earned doctorates (SED) questions as part of the dissertation upload process required for students to graduate. This proposed partnership would certainly increase the survey completion rate! I started looking around the NORC website and was able to locate and extract the data tables for the SED.

D3 Beta Launch
D3 Beta Launch

My Diablo III download finished earlier today, but Beta Patch 15 is currently being deployed.

D3 Beta Patch 15 Downtime
D3 Beta Patch 15 Downtime

It took a couple of hours to get everything set up, but I was able to play the game!

My 1st Diablo 3 Character Snackfu
My 1st Diablo 3 Character Snackfu

The Jayhawks were able to win the game. Robbie Hummel played exceptionally well. The head coach of the Purdue Boilermakers should retire #4 during the post-game press conference. The Kansas players were able to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Under any other circumstances a team that shoots 33.9% from the floor and 25% from beyond the arch will be defeated during the NCAA tournament. I’m seriously considering setting up a college basketball statistics feed to predictively model game statistics.

St. Patrick’s Day March Madness started with a Guinness Draught

The basketball games today start at 10:00 AM Mountain Time on CBS. The first 10 minutes of the first round NCAA tournament game between The University of Detroit Mercy vs. the University of Kansas were highly competitive. The Detroit Titans started the game with a level of intensity and commitment that was truly inspiring. Perhaps now that the game is complete and some time has passed Kansas Coach Bill Self will be able to communicate to the team that the capacity to achieve that level of intensity and commitment is a necessary element of winning consistently. Eventually, during the course of the NCAA tournament the team skill levels even out to the point where execution, intensity, and commitment make the difference between winning and losing.

Peppercorn watched me pour  a Guinness
Peppercorn watched me pour a Guinness Draught

The second round NCAA tournament basketball game between Kansas State University and Syracuse is about to start on CBS. I’m going to go ahead and pour a Guinness Draught from a bottle into a pilsner glass in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. It looks like both teams will have players sitting out due to off the court issues.

John Paul's First St. Patrick’s Day
John Paul's First St. Patrick’s Day