We attended a Colorado Avalanche game

We got to attend a Colorado Avalanche hockey game this weekend. Visiting the Pepsi Center in Denver is always an adventure. It is a reasonably fun and all around nice place to attend a sporting event. Throughout the entire event the people around us were very nice to use beyond simple civility.

It seems like a long time ago that I first visited the Pepsi Center. That was back during the CU Boulder days. We ended up getting tickets outside the event right before the game. It was fun enough that it was memorable.

Today seemed like a good day to spin up the Google Docs and do some writing. My goal for the moment is to write for the next thirty minutes without stopping. It seems that Google Docs is able to save my writing efforts in near real time. That pretty much means that the hardware could fail at anytime and my words would live on in the Google Docs cloud. Things like that seem pretty straightforward now, but they are rather increible compared to a decade ago.

Writing today will be occurring to an epic soundtrack. It is far too late for coffee, but it is just the right time of day to listen to the 2017 album New Millennium from the band Dream Theater. The album has the subtitle, “The Classic Broadcast 1999/Live Recording.” It might be my favorite album of 2017. Buying vinyl records continues to be one of my hobbies. I almost wrote habits, but changed out the word to hobbies. Maybe habits is a better description. It was a phrasing that seemed a little off to me at the time. Hobbies are important. A small stack of my paintings exist in the basement. Recently my myriad of hobbies has streamlined into collecting: vinyl records, sports trading cards, and guitar pedals.

Collecting sports trading cards has been a part of my routines since the early 90’s. Sure that might seem like a long time ago. It really does feel like a long time ago. You could literally say it was not even this millennium and be accurate. Writing about writing might be less than interesting, but writing about hobbies could fall right into that same categories. My interest in sports trading cards probably involves a mix of nostalgia and my interest in statistics. Each card really is a snapshot. Sports trading cards capture a moment.

Watching Frank Mason III get drafted

It seemed like a good idea to watch the NBA draft tonight. The NBA draft is fairly easy to watch. It only lasts 2 rounds. Every pick goes by pretty quickly. I was curious where stand out University of Kansas basketball star Frank Mason III would end up being drafted. Pontificators seemed to be guessing the 2nd round would be where Frank would go. That turned out to be true. I’m not sure if the Sacramento Kings will end up keeping the pick. They probably should. I will make sure to pick up some Denver Nuggets tickets when the Sacramento Kings come to play.

A very salty day on the web

Politics seems to be dividing folks at an ever increasing rate. My interests are geared toward figuring out how to increase civic engagement and help people work together. We have so many things to accomplish as a society. Opportunities exist to move things forward. We just have to decide to strengthen the social fabric and encourage a higher degree of civility.

We the people have to figure out how to work together to drive things forward. Things are complex and seem to be getting more complex every year. I spent some time thinking about complexity modeling and dealing with complexity theory. From the edges of chaos theory to evaluating machine learning and artificial intelligence my research has been focused, but it has ended up being less than fruitful. That happens from time to time.

Entertainment can be a distraction from politics. A lot of people are probably looking for a distraction from politics this week. Today one example of that is the third game of the 2017 NBA finals. Watching the NBA finals today has been somewhat disappointing. Basketball is something that I generally enjoy watching. Today the first half of the game just did not resonate with me. Overall the rise of senselessly deep three point shots and endlessly rolling offensive sets does not really entertain me. Some of the intensity within the game was interesting.

Today some notes were taken with my Parker fountain pen. Getting back into the habit of taking a few notes throughout the day is healthy. It is a good part of stringing things together. It is amazing just how much I have enjoyed the switch to fountain pens. The sheer amount of enjoyment was unexpected.

Watching some college football bowl games

College football bowl matchups should be catching my attention. For some reason they are not really catching my attention this year. John Paul has been talking about wanting to go to a Nuggets basketball game. That sounds like an exciting adventure. Weather in Colorado has turned bitterly cold. Walking into the game would be a bit of a challenge. Games at the Pepsi center are usually pretty warm.

A day of watching football

Writing is both about the experience and the output. Sometimes a little bit of writing is akin to a little bit of thinking. Making sure you think things through is important. Yet again, I have been thinking about getting a bigger Chromebook to replace my ASUS Flip. Naturally, it would be easy to conclude that I always want the next great computer. It would probably be prodent to recognize that I should just focus on getting the most out of the technology already in my arsenal.

It has been a very interesting and wild week. I went to the Chiefs vs. Broncos game last Sunday. The game was moved from early to late. A touch of food poisoning picked up at the game wiped me out for the rest of the week. It absolutely wiped me out. The experience made me glad I got my flu shot this year. Great health is nothing to take for granted. Sometimes a truly uncomfortable experience is enough to remind you just how important maintaining and sustaining good health can be.

Speaking of thinking about the value of great health, I was going to send a note to the owner of the Cleveland Browns offering to help fix the franchise. It turns out the owner is staying the course. That will render my offer for assistance unnecessary. My theories on recruiting and team building could probably assist Cleveland. Late this month I might sketch out a basic 100 day play. That could be a fun diversionary exercise.