Revisiting my Fitbit Blaze experience

Yesterday involved a late night of television watching. That holds true for a large portion of the nation. It seemed like a good day to change my routines. I was motivated by a lack of sleep and some very real emotion about the election. Today I returned to walking on my treadmill. I knocked out 5,000 steps on that treadmill. Not only does that mark a healthy return to my exercise routine, but also it marks the return of my Fitbit to my daily activities. That return to using a Fitbit reminded me just how much more I wanted from the Fitbit Blaze. I’m not sure why Fitbit has kept the Blaze so spartan in terms of features. It handles showing calendar notices, calls, and texts, but does not do much else outside of tracking basic fitness data. The Fitbit Blaze does provide heart rate tracking, sleep logging, and step counts. That data helps me ensure that I’m getting enough sleep each night and logging at least 10,000 steps a day. With a good routine those things could happen organically, but it is easier to track with good historical data.

Diminishing enthusiasm for the NFL

This morning I spent some time thinking about the National Football League (NFL). Viewership for the NFL in 2016 is down. This is a slide that will either have to be corrected or things are going to get far worse. We have the NFL RedZone channel. It is a channel we watch in our household throughout most Sundays. The commercial free aspects of the channel are fantastic. Every week I set my fantasy football library lineup. Even with access to every scoring play my enthusiasm for the NFL has been diminished. The games are not fluid to watch anymore. Something has changed. I’m not sure what exactly was the tipping point, but we are clearing on the other side of it.

Back in 2014 Mark Cuban correctly noted problems with NFL oversaturation. I would support a move back to Sunday only games. The Sunday schedule should be broken into four time slots with a late game being featured on the west coast. The games should reasonably follow the sun. Something needs to be done, but change may not come very quickly. The coverage and discussions related to the NFL have been dominated by off the field problems vs. on field content. Social media and the 24 hour news cycle have fueled a year long discussion. The discussion will always last longer than the season.

Over the years, I have collected football trading cards and paid close attention to statistics. That is a part of the game I have cared about for years. Recently, even picking up sports trading cards does not seem to hold my attention. Maybe I am alone in having diminished enthusiasm for the NFL. It is also possible that the NFL has a problem.

Thoughts on my Fitbit Blaze smart fitness watch

Saturday, at the end of the day I took off my Fitbit Blaze smart fitness watch. Nothing compelled me to put it back on this weekend. Maybe it is time to return to wearing my Citizen watch. The promise of smartwatches was certainly compelling. It was a narrative that promised the ability to do so many things. I would probably wear a fairly large watch to forgo having to carry a phone. We will see how long it takes before the Fitbit Blaze returns to my daily routine.

Watching some NFL football

Tomorrow is going to be a very interesting day. Be bold. It could end up being a very memorable day. It could be a day that redefines things. Each new day provides the opportunity to be bolder. It provides the opportunity to be better. Each new day provides a host of opportunities. Those opportunities hinge on capturing the moment. The Denver Broncos football team is trying to capture the moment today during the course of playing against the New England Patriots. The past will always be the past. You have to be present and decided to take action in the moment. Taking control of the moment at hand defines us. Being empowered to take control of the moment separates  action from inaction. Never abide procrastination. It poisons the well against the action we need to move forward.

The weather in Denver, Colorado is just right for football. Broadcast video quality for the game is excellent. The picture at 1080p is very sharp. At some point, the NFL will radically change the face technology in the United States by filming and broadcasting in 4k resolution. That shift in technology will be a major tipping point for both content provides and home theater systems. We have a Sony Bravia television that is capable of 1080p resolution. It does not appear the cable or satellite television companies will be delivering 4k content this year. Only the NFL as an organization could cause a wholesale technological shift.

Double brewed K-Cup day

It happened again today. I double brewed the same K-Cup. After finishing a cup of Starbucks Tribute blend this morning, I reused the same K-Cup to brew an additional half cup of coffee. Yes – the same K-Cup was used to brew two cups of coffee. I feel like this is starting to happen a couple of times a week. I’m not exactly sure when it started, but it has definitely been happening. It does not seem to harm the Keurig machine, but it might be (I’m not sure how it would). Other people probably do the same thing, but I’m not sure they openly admit to such poor coffee etiquette.

I spent some time today working on a backup of my websites. Apparently, an image gallery got corrupted or removed somewhere along the way. This week the top posts and pages widget was enabled within my primary weblog. After inspecting some of the posts that were people were reading, I quickly discovered that some images from 2012 were not appearing. That seemed like a weird thing to disappear. It took a few minutes to grab a backup and restore the images via FTP.

Yesterday during the evening, the fantasy baseball keeper league I patriciate in held a draft. Things are really up in the air on my draft. This season really could go a number of ways. I’m hoping to improve my performance this year. The foundation has been set. I’m going to have to watch early performance and be willing to make some changes early in the season.

My 2015 Fantasy Baseball Lineup
My 2015 Fantasy Baseball Lineup