It’s really 20190917…

Last night my sleep score was probably terrible. My Fitbit will not sync right now so the exact score remains a mystery. In typical troubleshooting fashion, I rebooted the Fitbit and after that did not work the phone is getting a reboot. Naturally, after the sync occurred following a reboot of both devices an update was available, “Updating Your Fitbit Ionic,” is the only message I’m seeing right now. If you do not know about the speed of Fitbit updates, then let me share with you that they are like Windows 95 updates. You watch them go and wonder if things are going to be ok or not ok without any control outside of hope. It has been several minutes and it just says, “Installation in progress…” At this point, I just try to stay positive and hope that the good folks at Fitbit wrote an updater that will not nerf the device. Obviously, my time was not a key consideration during the design of this update process. Fitbit clocked my sleep score at 81 last night. Apparently, I just had a really hard time falling asleep, but things went well enough after that.

Wondering about presenting baseball statistics

Ok. I made a decision earlier today about beginning a journey to present some baseball statistics within Jupyter notebooks on GitHub. Yeah — I know it sounds like a fun and fantastic journey. One of the things I realized yesterday was that notes can remind you of the connectedness of major writing projects. They can be points of reference and thoughts on directions and the overall journey. These details help introduce things at a layer deeper than the obvious. That pretty much means you should start to get ready for 30 days of solid Tensorflow posts on GitHub related to baseball.

  1. Installed Anaconda 2019.07 for Windows
  2. Opened up Anaconda Navigator from Windows menu
  3. Selected jupyter notebook 6.0.0
  4. Things were up and running… this took about 5 minutes

Moving the taskbar around

Normally I keep the Windows taskbar at the bottom of the screen. Yesterday, I switched it up and put the taskbar at the top of the screen on all my devices. This change may or may not have had some type of innate benefit to my productivity and joy. Earlier today I was listening to Mark Cuban talk about how we arbitrage our time. It was one of those interesting debates where the intersection of how we buy away boredom and the value of our time were both discussed.

A lot of daily routines involves working and then watching something (television or streaming) and then going to sleep. In those instances it seemed like the argument was being made that we buy away our boredom to feel like we used that time or at least we eased the passage of time. Within the same conversation the inherent value of time was discussed. It really made me think about the ultimate question that I ask myself every day when I wake up based on an axiom from the life and times of Steve Jobs.

Every day I ask myself about how I’m going to go about making a dent in the universe or more to the point what I’m going to do with the time I have today to strive forward toward the edge of what is possible. That might seem like an outrageous objective for a daily mantra, but it really is the necessary first step in figuring out meaningful paths to fill the day. Deriving the nature and definition of a meaningful path might take the rest of the day and may very well be a good use of my time today, but that is probably not going to happen.

It seems a new Pixelbook is really coming

The new Pixelbook 2 seems to be going through FCC review under the codename Atlas. It might even be a more affordable version of the device. I’m buying it either way. The build could be affordable or super premium. Either way works for me. My ASUS Chromebook is missing some keys and needs to be replaced. Writing on my Pixel 3 XL is challenging. Typing is different than working with an on-screen keyboard. It might be the rate of input or perhaps the thought required that makes the difference.

Working on a Qwiklabs quest

It turned out that I had 100 expiring credits from Qwiklabs. At that point, I just started searching the catalog to find something to tackle this afternoon. It seemed like a good idea to take on one of the more advanced quests. Today I had the day off and the afternoon free. That combination is epic. The quest I took on was called. “Data Science on the Google Cloud Platform.” It was a 60 credit quest and it was labeled as advanced. The quest involves 10 steps. During the first hour of my quest here I have finished the first step and am working on knocking out step number two. 

  1. Introduction to SQL for BigQuery and Cloud SQL
  2. Ingesting Data Into The Cloud