Android Application Management Day

My HTC One Max has been running a little slow this week. One of the Android applications probably has run amuck burning battery and making me sad. The phone has been restarted and any applications that are not currently being used have been uninstalled. The Chili’s restaurant to-go application, Yahoo Baseball, Yahoo Fantasy Sports, Netflix, and Cisco Jabber have all been uninstalled. We will see if the recent purge creates an improvement.

The great Sprint phone upgrade waiting game

I have been happy with my Sprint HTC EVO 4G phone. Sprint abandoned the technology that is linked to the 4G antenna in my EVO. I’m not even upset about paying the $10 a month data fee for owning a smartphone. Colorado Springs never made it on the upgrade list. I was able to use the 4G data services during some of my trips to Kansas City. My two year contract with Sprint expires on June 1, 2012. Unfortunately, none of the current phones that Sprint is selling are awe inspiring. People waited in lines for hours, refreshed the Sprint website repetitively, and hounded store reps via phone calls to get an HTC EVO 4G phone. Where is the bleeding edge of technology when it comes to smartphones? Could the Samsung Note indicate a trend of screen growth?

Lingering Pre-Order Kindle Fire Questions

Ok. So I have a bunch of lingering questions about the Kindle Fire. My Kindle Fire has been pre-ordered and I am just waiting for the unit to arrive.

  1. Will the Kindle Fire get the Android market?
  2. Will somebody extract the Android market code from the developer SDK and install that open source package as an APK on the Kindle Fire?
  3. What happens when you visit from the Silk browser?
  4. Will the market stop Kindle Fire users from downloading applications?

HDR Photography APP Review

What is HDR Photography? Well HDR or HDRI photography involves high dynamic range imaging that uses technology to extract contrast by calculating ranges between the lightest and darkest sections of images using multiple and varied exposures. In an effort to better understand HDR photography technology, I purchased a copy of HDR Camera+ from the Android Market on my HTC EVO 4G.

I took the following images using the HDR Camera+ application on my HTC EVO 4G phone using the 8 MP 4:3 photo setting.




2011-10-01-10.14.37 Final HDR Image

Since I enjoy outdoor photography and happen to live in Colorado, I will probably be able to enjoy the HDR Camera+ application frequently. I tried a couple of times to take a photo of a person using the HDR app and found the process very challenging. Landscape photos work pretty well using the application. You do have to have a fairly steady hand or a tripod to be able to take photographs of larger areas (panoramic style photographs).

* Next time we go to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo I plan on taking a series of HDR photographs of the City of Colorado Springs and then stitching them into a panoramic photo using the Windows Live Photo Gallery panorama tool. 

Falling Tablet Prices

Why would HTC initiate a $200 price drop on the Flyer when the Kindle Fire from Amazon is still $100 cheaper at $199? A higher price point is still a higher price point.


  1. Will the Amazon Kindle Fire table support the Android Marketplace?
  2. What wireless keyboard will work with Will the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet?
  3. What will the upgrade schedule be for the forked Android operating system on the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet?