A few upgrades to my Chromebook

All of my creative efforts are going to be focused on writing for the next few months. I’m sold on a transition from coding to writing. Coding has been a part of my adventure this year. It was totally worth the time and effort. However, maybe now is the time to make the switch. It could also be that writing has come to dominate my thoughts. That happens. It will be ok. I will be ok.

My ASUS Flip has been converted over to the developer stream for updates. That is an important change. That change in updates helped deliver the Google Play Store to my Chromebook. Thanks to that delivery I now have the application version of Microsoft Word. I was never fully satisfied with Office 365 online. Adding the Google Play Store could help drive my ASUS Flip as my primary computing device.

It took me a little bit to get used to the keyboard on the ASUS Flip. The keys do not have enough carry or follow through on each keystroke. My biggest complaint about my ASUS Flip is the power cable. ASUS should have used the USB Type C format for a charging cable vs. an oddly shaped proprietarily cable.

ASUS Flip Design Considerations

The NFL Pro Bowl was on this weekend yesterday. We had some leftover pizza from John Paul’s birthday party and watched a number of Kansas City Chiefs playing in the game. It has been nice to see the progression of the Kansas City Chiefs throughout the season. Things got better. Overall the organization has been getting better. Kansas City has been enjoying some recent sporting success.

My ASUS Flip Chromebook was my primary computing device during my trip to Chicago. Using the Chrome operating system basically feels like using the Google Chrome web browser. I have been working out of a few different tabs without any real problems or issues. The Microsoft team has done a great job of converting the MS Word application to run online. For the most part Chrome provides access to the basic productivity things I need to write on a daily basis.

My major criticism of the ASUS Flip Chromebook is entirely based on power supply related design choices. It would have been easy for the ASUS team to utilize either a basic micro USB or USB type C to charge the device. It would have been easier to charge during my travels via USB. The screen works well enough and the keyboard feels pretty good. The aluminum body has held up pretty well and does not quickly show fingerprints.

My ASUS Flip Chromebook Arrived

An employee of the USPS dropped off my new ASUS Flip Chromebook today. It arrived late in the evening after 7:00 PM. The mail seems to be delivered later and later. I am not sure when that started, but it is happening. The ASUS team did a great job with the design of this device. The screen looks great and the keyboard meets my needs. Chrome login and setup took about 5 minutes. It was very easy to setup. I strongly prefer the Android operating system vs. Chrome. I’m hopeful at some point this year that Chrome and Android will merge and my device will magically upgrade. 

ASUS Flip Chromebook
ASUS Flip Chromebook

On the Asus T300 Chi

Asus engineers have been making some incredible devices. They have been on an epic run. The executives at Asus have made some aggressive assumptions about the future market share of the Google Chrome operating systems. That may be a play that pays huge dividends for Asus shareholders. Now is probably a good time for a full disclosure, I own a number of Asus devices and will probably be buying the Asus Chromebit when it becomes available this summer.

The 2015 version of the Asus Transformer Book T300 Chi (after the Windows 10 release) could be the eventual replacement to my HP Envy X2 computer. For that to happen the engineers at Asus will need to extend the battery life by several hours. Some of the early batter test results are coming in between 5 and 6 hours of battery life. Not only do I expect a computer to have better battery life than 6 hours, but also I am really on the hunt for a computer that could be charged overnight and run all day. That is the key buying constraint on my next device.

I’m still getting used to my monitor setup change. My main Storm Stryker housed computer is now connected to just one 27 inch monitor. Downgrading from 3 monitors to 1 monitor required some adjustment. Being able to move content from one monitor to another is a great way to multitask.  However, at some point I needed to just focus on one or two key items. I’m had been preparing to make the switch to a 4K resolution monitor. The Samsung 28-Inch Ultra High Definition LED Monitors seemed like a reasonably priced 4K option. If Microsoft Windows 10 will ship with drivers for 8K resolution monitors, then I’m going to skip 4K resolution and wait to purchase an 8K monitor.